NZ army crewman question

When training as a crewman in the NZ army, does anyone know if you get the chance to get your heavy vehicle licence/s? it possible to change trades as soon as a position opens up after basic?

Thanks :D
Any help would be great :D
jmc73, just google NZ Army click on Contact Us, fill in your question with you email address and you will get a same day reply.. Strange for someone living in NZ to ask on the Brit ARRSE site about the NZ Army?

Still, it's a crazy old world.

Have a look at the page above. To drive a NZLAV you must have a Group 3 (what was called a HT) licence.

Contact one of the offices listed here

for information on changing trades.

They will give you all the information you need. Just my thoughts but if they employ you in one trade group they probably will not be looking to change you to another trade group straight after basic. If it is licences you are after why not join as a driver?

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