Nyrex ink removal - yes dull

ok it's dull but i could do with some advice.

my nyrex is covered in blue ink, all other ink comes off ok, but i didn't realise i'd have this issue until it was too late. i can't get it off, i've tried all sorts of stuff:
-nail varnish remover
-surgical spirit
-writing over again and then rubbing off,
frankly, it's not happening, anyone got a proven way of getting it off, i'm not going to fork out another tenner for a new one, and yes it is that bad.

Sandpaper. Worked for me. Maybe put a bit of surgical spirt on it first and sandpaper over the top.

Note that this'll make your nyrex rough... but you'll be able to write on it with a pencil, which is clearly a better solution anyway.

Pens + rain = runny orders.
Oh, and don't forget a rubber, obviously.

Before you go off thinking "this is great, I don't have to carry any nail varnish remover" and then have to take it off in the filed without a rubber!
Tescos value nail varnish remover. Outrageously good. It also helps if you don't use laundry markers cos it's horizontal rain on SENTA then forget about your nyrex for a fortnight :(


Kit Reviewer
I know its too late now, but never use blue lumocolours on map cases or nirexes - I don't think there is any way to get it off.
Spit and fag ash :wink:
Dry whiteboard marker remove permie pen from nyrex folders. Moreover, it doesn't melt plastic like nail polish remover or make your harbour smell like a tart's bedroom.
try fag ash and an old tea bag. It don't work i just wanted you to make a right mess, like i did when i fell for that one. I use Nail varnish remover, but then it only works if the writing was in the last couple of weeks, any old stuff will stain the plastic. Best shell out that Tenner. Better still get some waterproof paper in with your TAM and sh1t can the Nyrex

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