Nyrex Folders

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Lumpy, Jun 7, 2008.

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  1. I know Web-tex have a poor reputation, but surely not everything they produce can be crap, can it?

    I'm looking for a number of nyrex folders, in both A5 and A6 size, and to date, most places seem to stock only web-tex.

    Are their folders any good, or should I avoid them like the plague?

    If they are truly pap-tastic, can anyone reccomend reasonably priced ones instead?
  2. Yes webtex can even **** up making nyrex folders! The pockets aren't clear but opaque(ish) and the A4 one i bought the pockets werent acually A4!!
  3. Forgot to add. try HM supplies they had some reasonably priced decent quality ones in there shop in brecon
  4. got all my nyrex folders from hm supplies, all worked well in various sizes both hard back and non hard back, but make sure you clean any non-permy pen off asap or it beecomes permi in a transparent kind of way
  5. remember to look in the Arrsepedia setion for e-nyrex, all the good (real) reports to put in them.
  6. Ok...I've dug out my old nirex folders to see if theres a manufacturer on them, and they still have lumocolour from years ago on them....

    Any tips for cleaning them off, or should I just buy the new ones?
  7. Nail varnish remover should do the trick for you mate.

    T C
  8. I have used both webtex and HM nyrex folders. The webtex ones are smaller and have less pages (hence lighter) but I felt safer with the HM supplies ones with the ammount of abuse I gave them.

    With regard to Webtex products, I know its been done to death but just to add my opinion, I find webtex (although they should be avoided at all costs for all things load carrying) good for all things non-tactical such as notebook covers and nyrex. I have a webtex A4 DPM folder cover and its fine.

    The rule of thumb is; if you are going to take it out in the field then do not use webtex, otherwise its fine on camp.
  9. If you're a smoker, a bit of fag ash and spit will do the trick. Some of the ink will probably have leached into the plastic, so don't be surprised if you can't get all of it off with solvent of field expedient above. If it's not gone too deep a bit of fine sandpaper should take the worst of it off.
  10. RV Ops for the folders!