Nyrex Folders

I've used my brand new shiny nyrex about 3 or 4 times and the pages are already developing a permanent (ie I can't get it off) background shade of black/red.
Any tips on how to keep it clear for as long as possible?
Yes, admittedly it's Wilko's cheapest!! But that shouldn't detract from the removal properties. I soaked a page in it to try and get it off and now its just completely eaten through that page.
when you next get a new Nyrex, lightly dust both the inside & outside of each page with talcum powder & avoid using red/yellow & orange lumi colours. I banned the watchkeepers using them on the map table in the CVs.
Cigarette ash and spit will get old lumi ink off. If you want to get really non-tactical use "Lynx" deodorant spray. (God knows what it must do to your armpits?)
I dont have any such problems with my nyrex...

... cos after using it for a week, it has been utilised to prop up my wobbly legged table!! :roll:
Rather than using nyrex folders as you can't write on them in the rain go to a model shop and ask for some of the plastic sheets they use. you the cut them to size, lightly sand them , out a ring binder on them and they good to go as an all weather notebook . Just make sure you only write on them in pencil!!

Costa about £2 compared toy the hideous prices nyrex cost! I used this in the jungle in Belize, Artic conditions in norway and all the climates in between and it never let me down!

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