NYPD set to buy $5.2million bullet-proof boat to fight Mumbai-style terror attacks

Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by mrrandom, Mar 17, 2011.

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  1. New York police are getting a $5.2 million bullet-proof boat to fight terrorist attacks, it was revealed today.

    Commissioner Ray Kelly announced the move after studying the Mumbai massacre in which 164 people were killed in 2008 in a raid by sea.

    He said the 'high speed ballistic-protected vessel [will be used] to respond to a suicide or live shooter attack in a port area.'

    The high-tech boat will be paid for by a FEMA grant which will also train officers how to use it.

    The Commissioner told the hearing at City Hall that he has cut the police department budget from $4.88 billion to $4.45 billion for the coming financial year.

    Crime went down two per cent last year, he said, especially burglaries, grand larcenies and auto theft. But homicides and rapes increased.

    He added: "Viewed in context these crimes are still low by historical standards. Last year's total of 536 murders was the fourth lowest the city has recorded since reliable data was kept in 1963.'

    Read more: New York police to buy $5.2 million bullet-proof boat to fight Mumbai-style terror attacks | Mail Online

    Commonsense or a case of "do want one"?

    EDIT to add more details


    the vessal above is a current USCG vessal the NYPD one will have space for 30 ESU tactical officers, chemical decon areas etc
  2. sounds like a gizzit but then again its federal funds so if it was'nt this it would be an apache or some other dubious piece of kit.
    funds for kit are always avalialbe.
    can't see it being of much use unless its going trawl around loaded with a swat team ready to go and thats unlikely.
  3. About as much use as tits on a fish when they walk round a corner and are no longer near the water.
  4. research tells me NYC has quite a little fleet of vessels, the NYPD alone has 28 within there harbor division and to my knowledge the port authortiy police,waterfront commsion police,parks, corrections and USCG based in NYC I can only assume that this is either because its "free" or in response to a specfic percevied threat
  5. Manhattans an Island- think of it as the NYC version of the RN but with actual vessels......

    Oh yeah, NYPD still has several Tracked APC's in inventory. From a M75 & M59 to a few M113A2. Though last time I remember them being used was in 1996.

    Pics of police tanks
  6. Thats a bit harsh. True perhaps but still a bit harsh......
  7. led to believe that the ESU use them on a regular basis at Floyd Bennett Field for officer down rescue training, the NYPD are actully quite paramilitary in nature, a huge tactical response force, many specialist detectives trained in the tactical use of longarms, a public order/riot unit with humvees, own CBRN & EOD units
  8. lots of police forces have m113s you can get surplus kit form the army gratis.
    upsets a certain type of gunnut after "killdozer" I think quite a few made enquiries about anti tank weapons.
  9. What a nice shiny toy and as Vampire says ******* useless against anything other than the AQ aquatic display team.

    What's the betting that it spends its life making tourists feel safe in NY's harbour area and not further North where there's lots of empty coastline where you can load the boys into a truck and roll right into times square?
  10. DRMO (Defense Reutilization and Marketing Offices) is the agency thats one big surplus store. The LESO division is everything from OV-10 Broncos to M-16 rifles.
  11. I wouldn't be at all surprised if thats the case, ellis island,ground zero- anywhere the press can get easy shots of it

    personlly - and I'm no expert but the defender class the USCG & NYPD already deploy would be a better bet IMHO