NYPD - Ooops.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Buzz, Aug 25, 2012.

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  1. maybe there were firing the hip
  2. fu2

    fu2 LE

    lots of lawsuits there me thinks.
  3. 16 rounds and 10 people hit including the gunman...not bad lols. If it was me i would be happy with that ....

    couldnt have been nice being the coppers there as they know the gunman had killed already.
  4. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    as this is the serious bit, could it not be argued that stress and the (presumably) chaos and crowds (if NYC is anythng like london) have contributed to the collateral damage? if it was me I'd be damn glad the idiot was put down on his backside so quickly without being able to finish any more people off, least of all me...a scar and the story attached to it seem a small price to pay for your life...
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  5. fu2

    fu2 LE

    We are talking America here. They sue for millions when they slip on barbeque sauce
  6. Hardly surprising, when US hospitals will charge you about five thou to stick an Elastoplast on your finger. People frequently ascribe American lawsuits over injuries to greed; I suspect that in most cases it is more a matter of financial necessity. Roger the Rozzer, not awfully well trained and doing his best, puts a round through your leg. Assuming he hits the bone, you're talking reconstructive surgery, titanium plates, the stay in hospital (bed and board ain't cheap in these places), a bill for every anaesthetic, every antibiotic. Then there's the time off work etc.

    Perhaps one of our American members could enlighten us as to how much it might cost to fix a shot-up leg (assuming you don't want to go for free healthcare to an ER (Casualty) where they'll look at their budget, sigh a little and then amputate).
  7. On one of the postal shooting threads I posted up some NYPD shooting stats. If I recall they average a 60% hit rate at under 6ft (the range most trouble happens at), it gets worse rapidly from further out. And NYPD get regular range time and are probably better trained than a lot of police departments. Folk get scared when they get shot at and pistols are just difficult to shoot accurately at the best of times.

    One cop in this very short incident fired 14 rounds. Judging by the very blurry video the cop who took the shooter down was at about five feet and fired several shots, he was clearly at risk of his life with a .45 in his face. There's a panicked crowd in the line of fire, his partner's backed off out of shot maybe trying to find a safer firing direction but even then it's a busy street and there is bus passing. It ain't easy being a cop, the guy could have killed them both.

    Back in the day when most departments carried .38 revolvers rather than the high capacity 9mms favored by Da Yoof I assume there was much less collateral damage but I've no facts to support that.
  8. Mate of mine's wife in NJ had a premature baby, insurance bill came to $180K, $5K just for the epidural. It's pure banditry.

    Just to contrast, another mate had a baby in France, kidney complications, excellent service including multiple consultations and a week or so in hospital. She wasn't covered by the national insurance scheme not having worked there, bill 5K Euro.
  9. OK, quick Google and here we are:

    I'd sue anyone I could think of to pay bills like that.

    Colorado theater shooting victims face bills with wounds
  10. That's about $8K a day and you have to remember this is a country were lots of folks, particularly in the poor demographics that tend to victims, don't have any medical cover.
  11. I can give you some examples

    about 3 years ago a MS-13 gangbanger was shot just above the right knee by a Neighbor kid with a .357 jacketed Hollowpoint. MS-13'r lopped about half a block before collapse. Told cops he didnt know who did it. Cue 4 weeks later tells cops he now knows who did it . NYPD tells him to **** off as he could be claiming anyone now. He did this turnaround as parents got a US$40,000.00 medical bill for the wound

    about 10 years ago a Korean church here in Queens exploded to to a gas leak around 430am. (the white flash woke me up 4 blocks away) the church and 7 homes were destroyed. Later it transpired the Church had illegally hooked up and would not let inspectors from Con Ed in to check the main. Church sues ConEd and wins. NY City Firemen who suffered Smoke inhalation were forced by the City to sue the Families who lost their homes (they got out with whatever thay were wearing)for the cost of the firemens treatment as the city Lawyers dont want the city to have to pay for inuries on the job.

    (A Friends who lost her home was rebuilt by a contractor Neighbor and the Koreans had the ****ing gall to ask her to sell it to their church for the pastors home and at under cost as they couldnt afford much.)
  12. Nightmare scenario coming across a shooter in a busy city, as I've said before I'm not too worried about going up a against someone with a handgun, as the chance of being hit when the shooter is stressed drops considerably. Don't know how good their FA training is but given the numbers suspect it's just range qualification.

    Thoughts are with the officers and bystanders. Hopefully the officers won't get dragged over the coals and the bystanders will understand and ignore all the make a dollar calls
  13. From what I recall NYPD get fairly generous range time, so not as expert as JJH but probably much better than most gun toting civilians.