I was informed yesterday (over a cold beer) that this years Corps NWE SNCO dinner is to take place soon, in a location other than GLORIOUS BLANDford.
I am surprised (on the other hand, no Im not surprised, even a little bit) that I never heard even an uttering from my unit, and neither has anyone else I have asked.
Can anyone shed any light, or failing that abuse me for being all three wise monkeys rolled into one, albeit very good looking baboon.
Serouusly now, any news Pse PM me.

Many Thanks
Clueless of Germany :idea:
It was only announced the other week by the Corps RSM (11 Sig Regt)

Not sure on numbers but looks like a bloody good weekend. Time to work on Mrs Disco :) "its work luv, I have to go..."
It was announced at the last years WOs and SNCOs conference, that the next one (including the dinner) would be held in Germany.

Could have been I was the only one awake at that time 8O
In Elmpt to be more precise. I was told about it the other day.

I resemble that remark!

Well, as you are clearly in the know, well,being at the font of all knowledge and all that.......

Pse PM me with any details u have!
Are u and the geek gonna be there?
Me and the Geek wont be there, but i'll find out some details for you. You could always ask your badge, he should have details. I'm surprised it hasnt been mentioned on mess meetings etc.

I was looking forward to the whole thing....but I have to go to the UK on an exercise...just my luck!



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