As an "older" soldier does anyone know whether i can get any qualifications for courses that i have passed over the years?
As NVQs are pushed so hard now i feel left out with the courses that i have passed but gotten nothing for, i look towards the members of the RAVQ cell at the Royal School for advise but if anyone knows anything about this can you please help me out.

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I had a lecture from a resettlement officer and education officer the other day. They both talked about the NVQs that could be gained from "converting" things like leadership courses, SNCO CLM etc. Your local resettlement officer and/or education officer should be able to tell you what equivalence any courses you have done may have with civvi quals.
Hi crazymab, I was once told that one could apply for accreditations, or comparable qualifications, thru' the QCA (Qualifications and Curriculum Authority)


I can't guarantee anything, but hope the website helps anyway.

I've found that refresher courses at College, sometimes free but always cheap, have helped. They also bring old skills up to date. Good luck :)


If it is specifically NVQs as accreditation of prior learning then i can't help. However, you can obtain awards from ILM and C&G for leadership courses, management practices etc. Try www.rasuk.org

It will cost you money though and unfortunately most of the quals are not covered by SLC.

Hope this helps
Thanks for the replies i have checked the website hat you mentioned and could not access it could you please check and repost it for me.
Seems strange how that site wont work. You are right though. If you send me a PM i will email you the phone number of the guy who runs the company. Cheers
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