Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by billyruffian, May 16, 2006.

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  1. I understand that the Army now awards NVQ's for training. As an ex squaddie what are the chances of getting mine and does anyone know how I would set about it?

  2. It depends on what NVQ's you are on about. I know it is possible to gain NVQ awards for senior courses, and some trades do use them, such as chefs. Would you want to though? Are you already qualifed in what you do, and while it is always of benefit to get as many quals as possible, there are better options than NVQ's
  3. I am on a course that accredits previous learning. I wouldn't normally bother but if I am entitled..............
  4. I was awarded various NVQ's for completing a course, including "performing security duties", "working as a member of a team", and the best one, " equipment operater module A" absolutly no one I have ever asked has the slightest idea what that last one is.
  5. Sounds a bit like the NVQ2 you get when you finish Phase 1 training nowadays. The subject is Security, Safety and Loss Prevention. Great, we can all be fully qualified security guards for Asda when we get out.
  6. Unless its lvl 3 NVQ or above, it is'nt really worth the paper its printed on.
  7. This was done long before the NVQ's were issued at the end of phase 1 training, and was dated over a year after that anyway. No one else on my intake got one of them (we are talking about something from 17 years ago now) and it still doesn't tell me what the heck that weird operater module A is.