NVQs dished out to Techs in the 1990s

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Hairy_Hacker, Aug 28, 2008.

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  1. I was a Technician who left in 1999. Just prior to leaving I received an NVQ level 3.

    My understanding/ belief at the time was we were signed up as apprentices so that the Army would receive cash etc for our training.

    So as 'apprentices' we had to do certain modules and complete a set amount of training hours in order to gain the NVQ.

    My questions are: How many hours were spent training to get this NVQ and can I prove it?
  2. Why?

    I'm not saying that to be confrontational I just can't see the relevance. NVQ is a measure of competency, it demonstrates that you are vocationally competent in the subject area, some people will be able to achieve that with no training whatsoever. If you want to know exactly what area's you are deemed to be vocationally competent in at technician level (level 3) look at who the standard setting body for the NVQ is, it should be clearly stated on the certificate. From there go to that bodies website and search for "National Occupational Standards" alternatively go here: NOS Directory and search by organisation and suite. The pdf file for that suit of standards will describe exactly what knowledge level and performance standard would have been assessed.

    Yes the Army would have drawn down a grant from the relevant SSC for your achievement, probably around £5k to £8k but it wouldn't necessarily mean you were registered as an apprentice, although had you been they would probably have drawnn down significantly more :wink:

  3. At the start of the qualification you undertook, you would have signed an agreement to work for 40 Hours a week for anything up to 42 months. This is entirely due to the fact that the nature of this qualification is vocational rather than academic and thus your "training" was carried out as part of your normal work, gaining competence in your trade as you went along.

    NVQ's are not measured in hours but rather units of competence, as stated in the post above.

    Are you looking to prove "Hours of training" to qualify for another qualification?
  4. I just thought it as a nice freebie, ex Radar Tech in REME myself, my NVQ 3 took me all of 3/4 hr to achieve, all I did was print out two years worth of job sheets, dumped them on the tutors desk and said "sift through them" lol, personally I think NVQ's are a bit of a waste of time due to the fact that in civvy or mil life, if you couldn't do your job you would be deemed as "unfit for purpose" and sent down the job club !!!!
  5. I'm emigrating to Australia, due to 'unforeseen structural re-arrangements' by the Australian Immigration bods I'm currently on hold along with a great many others. Indefinitely. If I can prove a certain amount of hours study I can crack on. So my emigration advisor tells me.

    I've only been on the emigration path for a couple of months - some have been waiting years and at the last minute with no warning the posted date that the Immigration bods were to instate new rules - they don't.

    Hurry-up and wait? Like being back in again :D
  6. 173 views and no answers? You're just looking out of morbid curiosity aren't you? :lol:
  7. The way it's written leads me to think that your advisor requires you to prove a certain amount of hours of academic study, which an NVQ won't prove as the "studying" aspect of your NVQ was obtained during your class three, two and one courses.

    This makes me think you could put forward your trade training as hours of study. How you would prove this and if it can be accepted is a different matter though.
  8. Sound roughly right - I think a combination of trade training and modules completed at a working unit would be the criteria for 'hours of study'. How I find out which was used and how many hours and then prove it could be a struggle. I have no idea who to contact about it either.

    I've emailed the resettlement contact at Blandford for advice and had no reply as yet.

    Thanks for the reply.
  9. H_H,

    Not sure if you are still chasing this up but I believe this lot:


    are the NVQ assessors based in Blandford Camp that run all the NVQ assessment for both trainees and then out in units. When I was at 30 Sigs in the early 2000's I recall them having an office in the Training Wing and having to fill out some assessment forms for the young Techs.

    This is a newsletter of theirs from 2007 that may give some clues/ideas.

    Hope it helps
  10. Doesn't NVQ mean "Not Very Qual'd"?
  11. I thought something similar - apparently the equivalent of 2x A Levels at level 3 though. Colour me smug (ish)

    Proceeded without info on the NVQ - but from my own digging all I need is to sign a declaration I did the study for it and Robert's your mum's brother :1:

    Thanks for the help monkeyspanker - a venerable profession