NVQ3 Nail and beutey therapey

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Soldgersgirl, Oct 28, 2005.

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  1. has any won done this corse

    i am thinking of doing it in jan so any tips
  2. Very good, very imaginative. Now give it a rest
  3. Soldgersgirl,

    I did the same wind-up thing a while ago with an alter-ego called 'warriorelite' during a quiet night in the NAAFI. But there is a thin line between amusing people and starting to p*ss them off. You're taking it too far so just give it a rest, eh? No one is laughing anymore.
  4. And besides, wedge35's was funny. Whereas...
  5. Wedge, on behalf of the many, many users who treat ARRSE as a serious information resource and adult debating forum might I respectively suggest that if you have any intentions of repeating your "warriorelite" (wasn't it warriorlite?) antics that you at least have the decency to....
  6. ....do it soon please. That remains one of the funniest threads I have ever read in here ;)
  7. January? Are you mad? How will you ever get the nail polish to dry withought that unsightly surface bloom?

    I did the course starting in June. Of course, one has to beware of small flying insects settling into the surface of the lacquer, but at least they are easy to polish out.

    I suggest you change your timescale and go for the Summer course.

    Incidentally, there is a rather rigorous entrance exam and a 4 paper written final test. Up to 30% of available marks will be deducted for poor spelling and grammar, incorrect use of litotes and excessive hyperbole. You may wish to brush up on your spelling.

    They also check how much DNA on chromosome 21 you have. I fear your young man, Mogz has some to spare. Let us hope you are not similarly afflicted.

    Otherwise they won't let you on the course for being a mong.
  8. Soldgersgirl,
    Your ability to (partially) contstruct a sentance and correctly spell words seems to have by some miracle improved, compared to your posts on other threads....

    I can only deduce that either:

    a. The care assistant has been to administer your medication.
    b. The crack has worn off
    c. You are indeed a bogus, oxygen thieving chavmong

    or perhaps all of the above!!!!!
  9. Here's a tip: stick yer f*ckin' head in a blender.
  10. never mind what they written i cant believe that they have had time to write 40+ post in 2 days find a new hobby