NVQ`s and other training quals

After reading "NVQ in being a bowser mong" on another post it got me thinking what other qualifications have now been transferred to civilian recognised qualifications. I was under the impression to be a civilian bowser mong no qualifications were needed as you work on private land. At Stansted/Gatwick/Luton all the drivers use their car licence to drive C+E and non have ADR. The only qualification’s I can think of that are relevant are management :roll: and some Signals.
I think Wallop were issueing NVQ Level 3 for the class 1 signals course

that was in 99, belive they did it in conjunction with salisbury college

got binned because it costs too much :oops:
Ref NVQ for signals, I believe that when people used to go to MW for sigs courses they managed to get NVQ Level 3 or 4 for the RSI or B1 courses. This was funded by Salisbury college but I believe that it was a back door special and that the door was closed all of a sudden. As for refuelling on airfield, I am led to believe that you have to have Hazmat licence as normal, especially for the major airports, due to the fact that you have to drive publicroads between the various runways etc.
As for the NVQ sketch it is mainly aimed at the 25's and under bracket, IIP and all that. They get loaded on it at Leconfield, prior to getting their mattress checked for piss stains
Just checked with a friend who’s with the BAA (British Airports Authority) http://www.baa.co.uk/ on their airfields all you need to qualify to work as a refueller is a valid driving licence (car) be able to pass a medical and be able to get through the strict security regulations. If you manage to get the job you do a two week training course. Two days watching videos about static and how to lift properly then 8 days refuelling under supervision. No Hasmat licence required or HGV licence. Pay is a bit naff most start at 18k max seems to be 21k with over time most can make 28k in a good year.
Typically there is no requirement to have a qualification to operate as a refueller or other operator on civil airfields, for refuellers it can depend on the local airfield regulations and the managements minimum requirements. As for NVQs and VRQs they are not a requirement but are seen as a great benefit to individuals and operators alike, showing the minimum skills required to do a particular vocation. Aviation ground qualifications can be categorised in to Operations, Passengers, Cargo and Handling. There is however a qualification that covers all of the topics based on the AAC training, i can get anyone more information and advice if required just pm me for a reply.
I didnt know they did quals for smelling of AVTUR and collecting irritating Dermatitis scabs! Do you also get a higher level NVQ if you can prove that your sick of Red-Arse REME airtechs telling you what to do?

Personally I think you should all have an award of sorts for doing such a shite job!


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