NVQ level 4???

Discussion in 'REME' started by Thread_Bear, Sep 5, 2006.

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  1. I heard a rumour today, apparently four years after qualifying as a class 1 VM you can apply for NVQ level 4 (by merit of your management skills). Can anybody clarify or even shed some light on this.
  2. Thought level 4 was Tiffy and above only....

    Mind you thats not the book answer, that just rumour and conjecture.... Could get onto your local NVQ place and find out - we have one on camp, which isnt that far away from you if your location is still correct....
  3. It makes me laugh that after doing your Class 1 you can apply for NVQ Level 4 in management, FFS. Dont make me laugh, if you look at Level 4 you have to show evidence of chairing management/production meetings etc. How many Class 1 LCpl/Cpls never mind Sgts do you know chair those kind of meetings. To qualify for any kind of management qualification I would say you have to be atleast a Sgt with some kind of experience in running a fitter section etc.
    Then again I have I know of some OC/ASM's who could'nt manage a w***!
  4. What is level 4 worth in civvy street. Perhaps a public body such as NHS might give credence, to me as an employer it is not worth a kwan.
  5. NVQ Level 4 is the same as an HND. Firstly is this a managment only NVQ 4 in which case youd be better off converting it to a degree ( year or 2 extra study) for it to be worth much on civvy street but idf its an engineering NVQ 4 then you can apply for incoparated engineer status with the uk engineering council and then its worth its weight in gold. with Ieng reg you can get the best jobs all over the world in similar role to running a fitter section.
  6. Give SO2 Personal Development at DEME(A) a call. He can probably answer your question. :D
  7. Nip up and speak to your local AEC. I did the level 4 when I was a Staffy. I don't think judging by what you've written in your post that you are of the level of responsibility to take on this level of qualification just yet (please excuse me if I'm wrong here, it's not intended to be an insult). If you are not but you hold a level of supervisory responsibility, i.e, JNCO, then you can take on a level 3 in Supervisory Practice or even level 2 in Team Leading and when you are a Senior rank, take on the level 4. The level 3 will give you a good idea about how to approach your level 4. Ignore the 'it's not worth this or that' mob. You wouldn't want to work for people with that sort of attitude as generally they have no qualifications themselves and as they blatantly refuse to recognise the effort which goes into these things, they're more than likely not the sort of employer you'd want. How successful ar their businesses and how happy are their staff with the development opportunities offered by them....or lack thereof?

    Alway aim to have an academic qualification to support your NVQ, that way you will prove that not only can you talk about the subject, but you have an NVQ to support the fact that you have actually done it practically.

    Have a look at the City and Guild website for better guidance. If you need any more mate, PM me.
  8. Hi Mate,

    If you contact the Chartered Management Institute they have courses mapped out for Army/Military personnel.

    Level 5 NVQ The Executive Diploma in Management for officers that have passed ICSC (M), (L) or (A)

    Level 4 NVQ The Diploma in Management for LE Officers and WOs who have passed EFP2 or WOCLM

    Level 3 NVQ The Certificate in Management for SNCOs who have passed EFP1 or SNCO CLM

    Level 2 NVQ The Certificate in Team Leading for JNCOs who have passed JNCO CLM

    These qualifications are on the National Qualifications Network

    Each level attracts a different course fee: NVQ 3 and above you can use your ELC NVQ 2 your SLC

    Look on the ICM website and follow the armed forces accreditation links

    Hope this is of use to you.