Nvq and UCas points?

Hello I was wondering if anybody knew if an electrical qualification (City & Guilds) at level 3 is worth another points to let you apply to become an Officer? Ive tryed looking everywhere but can't find anything out. Cheers for your help!
I don't think so, i have both city and guilds 2322 and 2330 level 3 in addition to my rather crap a-levels and in all honesty they were more of curiousity to the ACA or interviewing officer. Sorry i can't be definitive.
Really so do you think I would have to do some A-levels then? I was told my course is worth 2 A-levels when it was completed. And what do you mean more of a curiousty?. Have you been accepted for officer training since? I was hoping it would be good enough to get through and get put on a PRAMS or a POD. Anyones advice on what to do next?
I'd take cheese advice, if you speak to the ACA you get it from the horse's mouth so to speak. By curiousity i mean no one who has interviewed me (bearing in mind that i doubt many people outside of the sparking world would know what a C&G 2330 was!) has spoken of the qualification having any relevance in regards to getting the necessary 180 ucas points.

Like i said previously, my crappy a-levels were enough to get me through the door and to RMAS this Sept without going on PRMAS.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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