NVGs (Set Reciever)

Posted here as well as old and bold in the hope of getting some info.

I am looking for some help identifying the following piece of kit which came in a box marked Set Reciever.

The only markings on the item are the
NSN 6650-99-960-7926
AVL 1969
WOW 2227

It is helmet mounted (springs and clips) with the control and power part mounted at the rear and the optics on an arm at the front of the helmet (needless to say it is the last tin lid type helmet)

It was handed in to my boss along with a load of 1950's Civil Defence clothing dated 1950's era for sale in his mil surplus store.

Looking really for info on whether it is IR or II (I assume IR reciever) and if at all possible the type/voltage etc of the battery (I recall that the ones I used in the 80's took special batterys) as he would like to see if he could get it working.


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