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NV kit


Hi All,

Looking for any night vision kit anyone may have spare.

Now as per title im not a gimp who likes dressing up in black, walking around it it whilst keeping a kidnapped girl in a pit in my cellar. I am however a sports shooter :oops: to that end a lot of my shooting is done at night so ive been looking into NV for a while. Not fussed if its a monacle or weapon sight (either will do) but needs to be 100% working.

Anything considered as long as i dont have to sell a kidney on eGay to afford it ;)

PM me if you have anything.

Thanks for looking,

There are some actual bargins you can get on Ebay rregarding NV equipment.
I know a lot of it is Brand spankers but every now and again a bargin does come up.

If not
try one that deals in old russian NVG's like Russian Baazar

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