Nutters on the net with web sites

Whilst trawling around i have seen some nutter who actually have web pages

this is just one of them

basically its some guy who dresses as peter pan, you have to see the page to believe it.

Are there any nutters you have found out there with web sites?


War Hero
... I'm still crying with laughter. Lets hope he doesn't meet his 'Tinkerbell' and breed. Odd B*st*rd!


He is an absolute raving poofter.

Edit: Maybe not, he's after his Tinkerbell(end) . But neverless, he looks and sounds like a raving poofter.


Buhahahahaha :lol:

This “man” :roll: is a complete freak, you could pick any paragraph at random on his site and find something odd to laugh at.

What the hell were you searching for to find this little jem?

:lol: :lol: :lol:


I actually seen soe thing on the news about some bloke dressing as peter pan, so i though i will go and hunt him out, and i found this, much funnier, lol
Thank you. Now I have to go gouge out my eyes.
Wha the fu........... thats not right!
Fan-fecking-tastic! :D

Harmless nutters, freaks and weirdo's like him should be encouraged. There are too many people out their who would like us all to adopt some sort of universal, grey, conformity.

Imagine the entertainment value of living next-door to him! 8O
Oh My Good GOD!

I don't know whats worse the haircut, the dressing up clothes OR his everyday clothes 8O 8O 8O

Verrrrrry funny though :lol: :lol:
What were you searching for to come up with that?
You've got to admire the mans balls...
! This person needs a good kicking back to reality !

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