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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JodieGasson, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. So did any of you buy it this week, did you notice Holidays 4 Heroes got a mention or too busy looking at boobs to read any words? :wink:

    Now with added pic, not great as it's from my phone, but you get the idea.
  2. There are words in it?
  3. SUPERB.....just nip to tesco to get my copy now.....i have a small space on the back of my bathroom door where this would fit perfectly
  4. You look a tad cold in said photograph :D
  5. Nuts also donated £150 to H4H yesterday :D
  6. There always seems to be a load of Nuts and Zoo mags floating around when on tour. Any idea if these are donated by Nuts/Zoo or if they are purchased out of the welfare budget.

    If donated - Thanks alot.

    If purchased - Get your hands in your pockets Nuts & Zoo. £150 is small change :)
  7. they will be purchased..,...i've had lads tell me not to send them Nuts or Zoo because EVERYONE gets sent them. So like you say Nuts and Zoo will be making thousands out of those on tour...£150 is their biscuit budget for a week
  8. Well its a start and I'm sure H4H are thankful for every penny, outsiders looking in probably wonder why I bother :(
  9. Sorry Jodie, I didn't mean to poor cold water on your sterling efforts.

    It was just something that crossed my mind, and I was just being cheeky about asking for more cash. But then again, don't ask, don't get.
  10. Top job Jodie - Good drills.
  11. Yeah sorry Jodie i wasnt belittling your efforts at all, every penny makes a difference and £150 makes a big difference. I was just thinking out loud how much squaddies spend on looking at fine bodies such as yours!
  12. Where has the pic gone!?!?!?!
  13. It's ok, just tired I guess, the shoots I did yesterday lasted 9 hours, I left home at 9.30am and arrived back at 12.45 am. On the upside Cpl Arnhem was a star x

    You probably don't realise but the only reason the picture is there and Holidays 4 Heros mentioned is because my Mum made it happen. I was a little miffed they didn't use the picture I sent in or the words BMG wrote but fingers crossed others will.

    I didn't ask for any payment, and them donating money was a big shock to me, I was just after publicity for the site. (Maybe some will ask why I should get paid, well that normally happens when I'm in a mag) :wink:

    If you look at Nuts a little closer you will see many pictures are from amateurs who want a start somehow in the business, these girls don't get paid, and with many mags closing due to the recession then like everyone else they are trying to keep costs down.

    To give you an idea of how much they pay sometimes, I received £250 for a cover, and no I didnt miss off a 0. :)
  14. Blimey! Is that it? We ought to start an ARRSE photography club, I'm sure all the lecherous old farts on here would scrape together a few bob.
  15. Well job jobbed by you. Outstanding.