Nuts jobs with guns

Do my eyes deceive... did one of these guys just use a cannon on firing range? :shock:

Thats one hell of a range day!

Only in the good ol US of A eh.
To be honest, I would'nt like to have to pick up the brass after that shoot 8O


War Hero
Back in '92 I went on a course out in Florida and stayed with an ex-pat family. The patriarch of the household was well into his handguns and as I was still serving he took me down the ranges one Sunday to try out a couple of Beretta M92s, a .357" magnum revolver and a .44" magnum revolver. The latter was a fcuking beast!

In any case, we're there potting away with our handguns when I become aware of automatic fire down the range - there's the local nutter blatting away with an Uzi. Ten minutes later the automatic fire gets louder - the guy has got a .30" cal. Browning set up on a tripod emptying belt after belt at the Fig.11 about 50 yds away.

He went through some other automatic weapons I can't recall but the fcuker who really worried me was the bloke three tables to my left with a serious looking sniper's rifle with some whizzy looking sights, wind measurement kit and all sorts of other techy gear and in the 1 1/2 hours we were there he fired about 3 shots - he was serious and will probably end up on the front page of the Washington Post - soon hopefully!!
The KCR shoot started as a class 3 dealer (someone who sells machine guns and destructive devices) get together and swap meet. It grew into the spectacle that the vid clip shows. KCR butts up against the backside of a impact zone on the Ft. Knox Military reservation, and was once used by the US Navy's Ordnance Repair Facility to bore sight naval rifles. They would put them on a railroad flat car (open goods carrier) and take them down to shoot them into the side of the hill. Kenny's dad bought it all from the Govt in the '60s and turned it into a huge firing range, both for what you see as well as for shotgun sports and blackpowder shooters. I lived very close to KCR and I worked at the Shoots as a firing line Safety Officer for Kenny for years. You would be surprised at the number of Brits who showed up to watch the fun every year. People come from all over to watch and participate. I think the funniest thing I ever saw there was on a Sunday as the first round of firing was getting set to go, a bunch of Japanese tourists were taking pictures with all the guns as a backdrop. The order to fire came and a bloke with a Boys .55 Anti-Tank rifle opened up right behind them, lol I imagine the pic showed them all about a foot in the air, it made them all jump. Besides the fire arms, many collectors of military vehicles show up to play, there is usually a M-15 Meat-chopper (a halftrack with a quad .50 AA gun mounted to it) as well as assorted tanks and jeeps. Pretty much like watching hell unleashed during the night shoot, the targets, (cars, boats, assorted junk) gets a stick or two of dynamite taped to it and a 55 gallon drum of scrap cooking oil or some other fuel. The glow in the sky can be seen from Louisville, about 20 miles away, and you can hear the explosions for about as far.
There has been one fire arms related fatality in all the years it has been staged, A triple mini-gun tipped over backwards and crushed the person shooting it.
Yes, I am sad to say , that this sort of fun is the norm on local (read Gov't run) ranges.
Here it is legal, indeed a 'right" , to role up with a boot full of bang sticks and spend the day drilling air and killing paper.

In the UK, outdoor "hobbies" now are restricted to golf, Kite flying and other suitably PC hobbies. Not so in the States. I have the God Damned right to bear arms (or is that arm Bears?)
Life sucks , but hey I will live with my trail of tears ;-)


You can privately own a minigun in the States???

-=TheGeneral=- said:
Do my eyes deceive... did one of these guys just use a cannon on firing range? :shock:

Don't we all?

Build your own howitzer.

And when you've built your own howitzer, go hunting!


Yes folks, it's the good ol' USA; like care in the community, but with automatic weapons.


Looks like a fun day at the range!

Actually, fully automatic weapons amd most canons come under VERY strict control by the Federal Govt. The BATF is the primary enforcer.

Most States, do not allow private ownership of full auto weapons, silencers, etc . Washington State is one of them.


How the hell can you own a minigun or for that matter any other kind of fully automatic machine gun. Note I said machine gun and not rifle.

How would you get a licence and what would your reason be???

Er, I need a minigun in case, er, the Russians invade???


Being a bit **** here but I shit myself when he blatted off a magazine and then just swung the gun over his shoulder and wandered off the range. Can never shake off Warminster.
Higround said:
How the hell can you own a minigun or for that matter any other kind of fully automatic machine gun. Note I said machine gun and not rifle.

How would you get a licence and what would your reason be???

Er, I need a minigun in case, er, the Russians invade???

You don't have to give any reason. It is more like the Govt. has to show WHY you can't own one.
If your state of residence allows it you can own one. To purchase a transferable machine gun, you must meet certain requirements (generally the same as when you purchase another gun), fill out special paperwork (called a 'form 4'), and pay a $200, one-time, transfer tax. Every time a machine gun is transferred, the $200 tax must be paid-- usually by the purchaser.
Non Firearms dealers can only own weapons made prior to May, 1986.

The steps to take to purchase a transferable machine gun are:

Find a dealer locally who can assist you in all phases of the transfer. This should go beyond helping you fill out the paperwork: they should help you locate the gun if it isn't in stock and allow you to shoot the gun while your paperwork is being processed by the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms). It will usually take 4-6 weeks for the dealer to get the gun from another dealer if they don't already have it in stock (due to BATF paperwork delays).

Get your fingerprints (either by a police dept. or by a qualified fingerprinter, two imprints are needed) and two passport sized pictures taken. These will be used to perform a comprehensive criminal background check on you.

Have your local dealer help you fill out an "Application for Tax Paid Transfer And Registration Of Firearm" for, known as a "form 4".

You must have the signature of the Chief Law Enforcement (CLEO) officer that has jurisdiction over the municipality in which you live on the form 4. This could be the City Chief or the County Sheriff, for example. This is usually not a problem-- in machine gun friendly states.

The form 4, CLEO signature, 2 fingerprint cards, 2 pictures, and a $200 check (your one-time transfer tax) must all be mailed to the BATF and an approved tax stamp returned before you may take possession of the gun. This may take anywhere from 2 to 5 months.

You cannot take the weapon across state lines without prior written BATF approval, and it must be stored in BATF approved conditions.

Most of the people on the vid are Class III firearms dealers, they can own missile launchers if they want to.

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