Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by SpotThePsycho, Feb 11, 2006.

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  1. My press-ups aren't improving and i've been told its because of my diet. The only exercise i do is press-ups, running and sit ups cos i'm a lazy git. But the point is my press-ups arent improving cos i eat shit, what kind of foods should i be eating to improve??

    P.S I'm a STAB so not just cookhouse foods.
    And i'm not a fat ****, i'm really skinny, so no advice on weight loss.
  2. eat what you like nobody cares. just get on with it and stop whinging. STAB.
  3. Spinach works for Popeye
  4. If you eat a more balanced diet, train all your muscle groups overloading yyour arms and chest, you will get results. However, rome was not built in a day. Slowly slowly, catchy monkey.
    To replace torn muscle you need to increase your protein intake.-fish, skinned chicken, red meat.
    To replace your main body fuel, you require more carbohydrate.- potato, rice, pasta and the like.
    To assist your body in your physical regime intensity, you will need to drink a lot more water. that does not mean 10 more brews a day. Real water, drunk before during and after phys!
  5. you're so clever "thelynxeffect"
    fcukin arrse_hole
  6. SpotThePsycho posted his question with the expectation of receiving helpful advice.
    If all you want to do is post useless shite like this and then guffaw inanely about your "cutting wit and cleverness" - don't fücking bother!

    SpotThePsycho, if I've understood your question correctly, you mean that the number of press-ups you can do isn't increasing. This has very little to do with your diet (in the sense of what you eat).
    If you think it through logically, you need more strength and endurance in the appropriate muscles. The only way to achieve that aim is targeted training. Heavy-duty training will increase strength, while lighter and more prolonged training will increase endurance.
    If you really want to improve, you'll have to rethink your attitude to your training in general, I'm afraid.
    There are a few threads on improving or helping with press-ups on ARRSE anyway. Try doing a search for them, since I'm sure you'll find a lot of helpful information (you'll also find an abundance of pointless shite like that posted by Thelynxeffect, but ignore that).

  7. "SpotThePsycho, if I've understood your question correctly, you mean that the number of press-ups you can do isn't increasing."

    Yeah sort of, i just want to improve my BPFA score, right now i can only do a pitiful 50.

    Thelynxeffect-- Take a sugar frosted suck off the end of my dick and die.
  8. Here is the simplest most effective technique ever devised!

    Do as many reps as you can on day one. Day two, do one more, day three, do another one more. Continue until you reach the desired number.

    Works all the time!!!