Nutrition Help please

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ArmyisMyDream, Apr 8, 2009.

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  1. ok basically I've just had my first interview for the infantry which went well and tommorow I have to do the 1.5 mile with my Army Careers office. Does anyone know what sort of food i should eat in the morning ad roughly how long before the actual race i should eat it?


    help much appreicated
  2. To be honest, I don't think you'll get many sensible replies to that.

    Don't eat anything after two hours before the run (maybe a banana an hour before at most). Try eating porridge or something which has complex carbs in. More importantly, make sure you are properly hydrated well before the run. You don't want to be gulping water prior to running so start today. (De)Hydration will affect you more than anything.

    That's all really really really basic stuff and tbh you should try to research such simple things before posting questions or else you risk being treated like a t0sser. I shouldn't have bothered answering really..

    Good luck tomorrow! If you aren't going to get under the time, make sure you push yourself until you chuck.. at least it shows willing.
  3. thanks for the help m8
  4. Could have a large bowl of pasta I suppose, but really 1 and half miles isn't worth loading for. Keep hydrated and in 15 minutes (max!!) it'll all be over.
  5. How'd you get on then? Catterick for you?
  6. Pasta for breakfast? You scouse freak of nature.

    3 Embassys, 2 black coffees and an egg banjo will do you.

    3 sugars in mine ta, oooh and a choclit digestive biccy.
  7. Have some porrage for breakie and drink lots.

    I would make sure youhave 2-3 hours between eating and running though
  8. Hydrate the night before; banana with your usual breakfast; and a good drink of water 1 hour before.

    It is easy, but hydration may help you shave some time off if you struggle with fitness. Don't forget to get Snaily to w8nk you off the night before; she is clearly grooming you 8)
  9. not bad thanks i did it in 9.40 and came 4th out of 18 people. I'm slightly Dissapointed as due to my stupidness i could of done better. Basically i finished and thought i had another lap to do and prepared the whole way to sprint the last lap.
  10. Good effort mate.
  11. Thanks I think im going to go back next thursday and re-do it, I'm determined to hit 9 mins