Nutrition for Early morning training

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by HH_2, Dec 3, 2007.

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  1. I was just wondering what people think about eating and early morning training. two days a week are ok because it starts later or I don't have early mornings, but 5 days a week I have to be out the door between 4.30/5.30.

    Do you think it's important to eat before or after or both and if so how much/what do you find is best/gets you going the most?

    Would you rather train on an empty stomach that early or have had something?

    I'm just interested to know what people think puts you in the best condition to train.

    Cheers, HH_2.
  2. A big meal the night before is good or a bannana and glass of water just before your run, thet should be ok unless you intend to run 10 miles or more where you would have to eat a cooked brekfast at like 2am in the morning.
  3. Always eat after intensive training, following exercise you have a 20 minute optimum window to get a snack in i.e. a couple of biscuits etc. You then have a 2 hour window to eat a full meal.

    It is important to eat in these perods to replace the energy stores in your muscles.

    Eating before is also important especially if you want to perform well. If you dont fancy eating beforehand due to vomiting or cramps drinking Lucozade sport or a similar glycogen rich energy drink will be better than nothing.
  4. Ideally you should not train on an empty stomach. You should eat more complex cabehydrate porrage is ideal. Eat straight after training is only vitally important if you are burning fat by the time you have finished your training.
    Unless you do CV at a reason level for more than an hour and half this is unlikekly. However even after moderate training a banna is good to eat.

    When you are talking about after training I assume you mean straight afterwards. Remeber to eat protein at somepoint in the day. Because this is normally done in the form of meat and it can be better to do at night because of the longer disgestion period its better not to eat much meat protein before exercise.

    The trouble with eating for you i imagine is the time it takes to disgest personally I would allow at least an hour after eating anything less than a small snack. Some people dont have to leave that long.
    To gain maximum time in bed I can see why you may not want to do that eating even a snack would prefareble make sure its cabeyhrate and not meat.
  5. 10 bottles of wobbly followed by a full monty breakfast used to be the regime in Germany.

    Never did us any harm :D
  6. I fully concur with the above.

    Depending on the level and type of training you are doing, it is often better to train on an empty stomach, however if you are doing endurance training then you need fuel in your body but it is not really wise to train for at least two hours after a meal.

    Prior to running marathons, I eat a cuople of lightly scrambled eggs on some wholemeal toast and a banana, but this will be a few hours before a race!

    As long as you consume water/energy drinks prior to and during your early morning sessions, you should be fine.