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Hol' up! Did someone just say butter wrapped in bacon?
You could eat a stick of butter wrapped in bacon and still lose weight, though this will probably have an adverse impact on your LDL if the bulk of your calories is from the bacon butter diet.
I think someone has already beaten you to it with "fat bombs". Whilst it is all about moderation, you can't survive with fat, but you can without sugar which should push moderation towards fat at the very least.
Yes really.

To suggest that your body magically creates more energy out of what is ingested because of a 'slowed metabolism' is ridiculous. 'Processed' food may be more 'fattening' because it is low in satiety and easier to over eat due to being calorie 'dense' for its volume, though if eaten in moderation ie while still in a calorie deficit you will lose weight.

Low carbohydrate and low fat diets may lead to long term weight gain as they may be proponents of vilifying certain foods; pizza, ice cream, cookies, chocolate etc. The more 'austere' a diet is the more typical an individual will give up due to an an all or nothing approach to nutrition, leading to weight regain even beyond their initial weight.

It's not that pizza is inherently bad; it's been made bad because it's more profitable. A pizza you make yourself from basic ingredients can be perfectly healthy! And for me this has been the key: I can have basically anything I want as long as I make it myself from scratch and know what's in it.
Hol' up! Did someone just say butter wrapped in bacon?

It's the keto version of:

@Awol , check out Huel mate. Mixed with MyProtein whey powder it's very palatable and cheaper bought in bulk than your stuff. Huel is also fortified with everything your body needs.

I mix strawberry cream whey with mixed Berry huel in full skim milk and crushed ice. Basically a milkshake.

Nestle Meritene also do fortified soups and protein powders that are cheap. My dad struggles with solids too and likes their soups.
On top of a Huel recommendation

I use this company as they also have offers on all the time and I must say they arent sickly sweet which is the downfall of a lot of supplements
Their vegan stuff aint too bad either if thats your thing

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