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Catherine Brennan from Croydon, South London presenting the motion. I live in Croydon, I wonder if I can find out what school she teaches at.......
It appears that the push behind this effort is the National Union of Teachers, known as NUT. This would mean that the members are called NUT's.

Great name! Someone should have given the initials some thought. Makes me think of the days when the police in Montreal, QC were known as the Policier-Surete Communite Urbaine Montreal and all the police cars were marked P-SCUM.

The Irish police may have put more thought into initials as their union, the Garda Representative Association is known as GRA. Given that "gra" is the word for "love" in Irish there is at least a positive connotation to the name. Better than NUTS or P-SCUM.


FindFixStroke said:
Teachers are accusing the Ministry of Defence of using "sophisticated" methods to lure youngsters, often in deprived areas, into the armed forces.

More left wing madness for the world of education. Trouble is, you just know it's the small hardcore of morons giving teachers a bad name. Really gets my goat.
Yes folks - its back to the 70's with the NUT!
Still the same old hardcore of Trots fighting the class war.

It'd be really useful if they could actually teach kids to read and write before trying to smash the state.
They´re probably upset over the phrase

"If you can read this, thank a teacher, If you can read this in English, thank a Soldier." :)

Anyway. I think these teachers are playing daft. The school visits that go out ( and I include my own experience of this) merely highlight what we do.

And to be quite honest with two major wars, at the moment, the only way these kids wouldn´t be fully aware of the dangers of service would be if they were unable to gather evidence (TV, Newspapers, etc) and form a conclusion from them.

And if they can´t do that, then it is teaches fault in the first place.

Maybe, they watched Yes, Minister and got offended by the comment that noone leaves the Army unable to read, write etc. And the education in the Army can make up for their Comprehensive education. :p

"They are too young to vote, too young to drink, too young to drive, but they are considered old enough to sign up for years in the armed forces without being fully aware of what they are signing themselves up for in their lives," she said.
But they are old enough to sign up for education courses or drop out of the school system? Nor is the Armed Forces who put drinking and driving laws in place. Nor the age to vote.

Teach seems to forget that a 16 year old IS legally old enough to screw their life up for the next 18 years by having sex and even getting married, with parents consent.

And there is the big point. No 16 Year old can join the Armed Forces without parental concent.

And they can bail before the "contract of doom" becomes enforced, where they are in teh Armed Forces for a set period of years.

If they do leave, all that happens is they have been paid a very generous wage (for a 16 year old) and have had some very good training that will stand them in good stead even as a civvie.
I am sure a recruiter or Harrogate instructor could give us the full ins and outs. I think I signed mine when I was about 17 1/2. Up until then, the Apprentices who wanted out, could be gone by the end of the week, officially, many were at home before that.

Maybe the Armed Forces should get these born again hippies in and give them some info, so the Teachers dont make prats of themselves.
Kelly and Brennan, I wonder where there sympathies lie. And what the Fcuk right have they to decide who comes into schools , they are paid to work there and if they don't like what's happening have every right to leave. Politics should be banned in schools.
I agree with the sentiments expressed by you all. Please do not label all teachers and all schools with the same contempt that you, and indeed I, have for these idiots - and I have been an NUT member for 40 years. Such people are a tiny minority in the teaching profession, but then, don't all professions have their lunatic fringe? I am under no obligation to take any notice of them and will not be. Neither will the vast majority of my colleagues around the country.


craftsmanx said:
Kelly and Brennan, I wonder where there sympathies lie. And what the Fcuk right have they to decide who comes into schools , they are paid to work there and if they don't like what's happening have every right to leave. Politics should be banned in schools.
I just had a shufti on their website looking at the motions. Dave Spart is alive and well and has a career in teaching!

Page 53 has a motion calling for withdrawal of troops from Iraq, some stuff on Palestine and sponsoring the Stop The War coalition. There is also a motion praising Chavez. Nothing about Tibet I notice - although SE Essex praise the courage of teachers in Afghanistan - obviously that one slipped through

My taxes support this crap.
What do you expect when the leading lights of the Students' Union roll out of University and find that no-one in commerce wants to employ someone who spent their 3 years gaining a 2-2 organising "smash capitalism" rallies? Of course, the Public Sector then beckons - there they can get extra time off to carry on their 1970s brand of politics safe in the knowledge that the Government hasn't got the balls to clip their Trotskyite wings. And which public service is the best? Why teaching, of course. Because you get the opportunity to mould the young into your own image of socialist Utopianism, present yourself as some sort of 'martyr' for only earning £40K a year AND you get 13 weeks off every year. You will also be surrounded by like-minded individuals and unlikely to have your world view challenged.

Having said all that, not all teachers are the same. Unfortunately, the system saps their will to kick against the received, socialist wisdom. Those who don't just give in just de-camp to the Private sector - reinforcing the lead that private schools have.

And the Yes Minister quote was that they receive "a comprehensive make up for their Comprehensive Education".
She has just been on 5live and I felt like getting out of the car and setting fire to it.

She admitted to pacifism, and said that all people should realise that there is a "moral dilemma" towards joining.

Hardly the most even minded woman then.

Nicky Campbell gave picked her apart gently.

Good text sent in though, NC said that surely there are more prospects in the Army than working in a call centre, and some wag sent a text to the effect that in a call centre, more people want to kill you :)
Fifth_Columnist said:
And the Yes Minister quote was that they receive "a comprehensive make up for their Comprehensive Education".
I searched high and google for that quote, where did you find it? :D

I was just about to put on the DVD and watch the episode to find it!
Don't tar all teachers with the same brush. Most of the sensible ones, including my wife, avoid the NUT like the plague and belong to a serious professional body like the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT - "the largest union representing teachers and headteachers throughout the UK" according to their website) or the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT). Unlike those at the grass roots, the vociferous minority who run the NUT are far more interested in political posturing than in educating children.
Also I found it very ironic that they are complaining about the army recruiting in areas of high unemployment. Heaven forbid that our little innocent sweet faced cherubs get jobs with big bad men who kill people - they're being denied the chance of a life on the dole - its outrageous.

Is there some form of Teachers ARRSE website where we can go and enjoy some debate with these cretins?

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