NUT "No Confidence" in Gove.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bladensburg, Apr 2, 2013.

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  1. BBC News - Teachers' union 'no confidence' vote against Gove

    Given that teachers are in the main thick, ignorant, scruffy enough to make the police look smart and politicised to a greater extent than anything calling itself a "profession" has any right to be, when does the public get to have a confidence vote in them?
  2. NUT=Militant union who wont give any education minister their approval unless they give into their demands. Bet you still see them grimning like mongs when Gove turns up at a school though.
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  3. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    I think the NUT are worried that we're getting to the point where incompetent teachers will be finally be sacked.

    Which would decimate the ranks of the NUT...

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  4. I did like one teacher moaning that the new curriculum was too 'fact based'? So what have they been teaching up till now?
  5. I have been on the verge of starting a thread on teachers for a couple of days now. I listened to a few of them ranting a Gove's reforms and found myself chewing the inside of my mouth with anger at how much shite they were spouting.

    Then there was this: Teacher warns of pornography threat - MSN News UK .

    Surely it is the parents responsibility to educate their kids as to what they see online. You teach whats on the syllabus and I'll teach my kids life skills, thats my job and one I take seriously.

    Finally it absolutely grips my shite that I have to find child care for inset days. Have they any idea how fecking expensve that is? Why can't they do their teacher training during their 14 weeks leave? Or, perhaps staying a little later a few evenings a term.

    I get it that there are lots of hardworking teachers who dont necessarily down tools at 3.15 every day but as a profession I can't help but think that they are marginalising themselves away from parents and ultimately society.
  6. And I have no confidence in the militant socialist NUT.
  7. Just to balance things out a bit, I think Gove is made out of papier mâché and has Willets's hand up his arse.
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  8. If the NUT doesn't like Gove, he must be doing something right.
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  9. Are these the same teachers that were allowing a wee girl to cut her own wrists in a "contolled manner" whilst under their supervision?
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  10. That is what a lot of teacher think. Why is it my job to teach your kids that crime is bad and fatty food makes you fat? The politicians are trying to use schools to fix "broken Britain", sadly it's not that easy. As for the NUT, they are very militant and will strike if the bog roll is out in the gents, but lots of teachers are with the NUT and they certainly don't speak for all of us. Don't tar us with the same brush as the ranting gob-shites who are all over the news right now. I don't know a single teacher who stops at 3 and has an easy life, most of us work evenings and weekends too to keep up with the work load. Everyone is allowed and opinion but don't slate a whole group of people when you have never done the job. ps, my return key is not working, hence the stream of dribble not looking right.
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  11. No, that would be the school board and LEA or controlling body if it's a full academy.
  12. NUT confrence will be full of shop stewards the loud shouty ones.
    It might help if gove or any of the others appeared to have a scooby
    Forward to the bible gove is a pratt.
  13. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Teachers ceased to be a credible profession when they stopped dressing smartly and setting an example. Near where I live there was a school that had been run on "progressive lines" for 20 plus years until Ofsted sacked the head and removed half the teaching staff. It is in the middle of a notorious sink estate.

    The new head introduced a few rules including all pupils wearing the uniform correctly, all members of staff being smartly dressed. Everybody will speak to each other respectfully and that includes the staff when talking to pupils i.e. take your hands out of your pockets and stand up straight, and no shouting unless absolutely necessary.

    He added to this an open door policy and a school council of pupils and staff that worked responsibly with the Governors.

    After a couple of years hard work he had a motivated staff, enthusiastic pupils and no shitty NUT bollocks to deal with. If the staff were not out for the good of the school they went.

    After 3 years OFSTED rated the school as providing the greatest "added value" in England. The few non council properties in the catchment were now selling for a premium.

    There are some professional, motivated and superb teachers out there but sadly the majority seem to do the job as a fall back when their degree doesn't get them the career they think they deserved.
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  14. Union in opposition to bloke who dared to suggest performance related pay shocker...
  15. Utter balls. 90% of all the teachers I have known or worked with have been hard working, committed professionals who do the job because they want to do it. The ones who think it is an easy fall back if their degree in English doesn't get them a million pound a year job, get weeded out during training as it is a difficult and tiring two years. It doesn't get better after that. You can't judge all teachers from viewing one, badly run school.