NUT demands 10% payrise

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vampireuk, Apr 13, 2009.

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  2. I've got a great idea...why don't they try fcuking teaching, and then ask for some more money.

  3. Makes our 2.8 look like a waste of time. How about making it law that any one going into the teaching profession has had to do a minimum of four years military service.

    13 weeks off a year, bastards!
  4. And reduction of actual contact time with pupils as well. Only supposed to do 80% of the working day actually teaching (that's the 9 to 4 working day with at least an hour for lunch plus breaks)

    Don't even get me started on the mandatory teacher training days.
  5. Fucck off you pricks ... yes, 10% may seem a bit steep - but Im pretty sure you would be unpleasantly suprised by the scale of the work within the job - particularly when 30% of the staff around you are on longterm sick leave, and still being paid more.

    10% sounds fine to me, especially as the ''holidays'' you mention are actually just non-teaching work days ... my breaks are filled with reports, assessments, marking, team meetings, scemes of work, policy writing and updating, planning ... and the list goes on.

    Im pretty sure you arent expected to work (unpaid) in your evenings, weekends and holidays. Yes people are being made redundant, but so are teachers as schools close and education is increasingly run as a business. It is worth noting that FE in Wales has just had a funding cut of 7.4% (which equates to £3 million in our case) while we remain under the same pressure to deliver and achieve to targets but with increased class sizes combined with resource and staffing cuts.

    F@ck off you whinging cnuts
  6. Considering my job for example, where there is one of me and I cannot go sick otherwise the work would not be done within the unit, or because our trade as a whole is critically undermanned and we are going back and forth on tours (much like the rest of the sodding Armed Forces) but you don't see us getting a 10% payrise, and you earn more money than we do to start off with.

    You mean like a lot of us do already, work evenings weekends and even have our "hollidays" cancelled at a moments notice because something has come up. From what I can see. We work harder than you, we work for longer than you, and we get paid less than you. Care to justify the 10% you workshy cnut?

  7. oooh! get her! 8O

    mate - I'm a uni lecturer and work nights, weekends, holidays (including today) etc and haven't had a sniff of a 10% or 3K payrise....

    Can you not see that calling for this when the rest of the country is going through the wringer is not exactly politic?
  8. Like they actually give a toss about anybody but theirselves.
  9. What a prize fecking Chopper..

    For all your fricking moaning there's one key point that you cnuts always forget to mention and that is that, No fcuker made you do it...!
  10. Actually, I approve. Go on NUT, strike.
    You know you want to, after all you are really undervalued etc etc etc.

    Anything that helps hasten an election is fine by me, which is all a teachers strike will do. They have fook all chance of getting a 10% payrise but if it makes them feel better and puts Mr Brown under more pressure it'll do for me.
  11. Hahahahahahaha

    10% you say?


    I really fcuking hate fcuking unions with every fibre of my body!

    but knowing this lot of lefty smegs in the Government they will probably do a deal at 8% and say it was a fair compromise.

    Or is that the NUT's plan?
  12. "One of the biggest teachers' unions in England and Wales is demanding a pay rise of 10% or at least £3,000, whichever is greater."
    Do they mean that they can't work out which is greater?
  13. Look on the bright side Groomer - you could always save money by making a mug out of a mortar tube, thus being thrifty and impressing your gullible students in one fell swoop.

    Walting Teachers
  14. Onfire - most brilliant parody I have ever heard. You actually sounded just like some of the kn0bjockeys who have been speaking at their conference.

    I have actually heard some of my teacher friends try to claim one of two of your points when thay are p!shed and we take the mick. I've never seen anyone make all the points together in such a funny manner.

    The spelling and typo mistake counter-pointed with some mindless abuse make the irony delicious.

    Have you thought about offering a regular spoof series to Private Eye or something similar