Nurture Day

I know thers a few posts on here already on this topic but they mostly relate to performance on the day. What i was wondering though, is other than the usual 1.5mile run, heaves/pressups/situps, grenade lesson and ice breaker, is there anything else I should be prepared for and whats the difference between a nurture day and selection. I was in the sigs before and when I did selection for them I did everything that ive so far been told to expect on this nurture day only with the addition of a medical. Ive also got concerns about my fitness due to a series of injuries throughout last year that I know are going to cause me to fail in most fitness tests. I know that given another month I can be up to a level of fitness that wont have me in the top ranks of other potential recruits on the day but will allow me to pass the minimum requirements no problem. Having had to go through a 203 to re-apply does anyone know if I would be able to post-pone the nurture day and subsequently my selection date to the next available date without having to go through the reapplication process again?
Ive already decided to visit my ACO tomorrow and explain my concerns to the recruiters and see what they say but any information or (positive) advice anyone could give me would be much appreciated.
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