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  1. Hi all,

    I've had a good look around the forum and have found some really great information in past posts, but not the answer to a specific question I have;
    I'm considering applying for Student Nurse in the Army, I'm also aware the RAF have the Student Nurse role, but with a higher academic requirement (240 UCAS points.) I've done the requisite reading of careers info on each site and given Google a workout, but can anyone explain the fundamental differences that each option would offer? I'm aware of the differences between the Army/RAF generally, it's information specific to the role I'm interested in.

    Thanks in advance for any help forthcoming.

  2. There's not much difference in the actual nursing; the differences are a reflection of those between the wider organizations. If you want perfect HR management and to want for nothing - and do not mind being despised by much of humanity - then join the RAF. If you can withstand a bit of chaos and want to go on operations, the Army for you.

    The other main difference is who you'll end up in bed with.

    In the interests of balance, you may also want too see what sort of replies you get on pprune.

    [edited owing to manky spelling]
  3. Thanks for your response, that begins to confirm the suspicions I had!

    I know the old adage about digging in and checking in, wasn't sure it applied to Nursing though as the majority of posts on here seem to say that there's not as much opportunity for general green-ness as one would initially have thought, especially in the first three years of training? I'm hoping that these opportunities will be there if I seek them out - I'm not wanting to join so the Forces will be my ticket to Registration; I genuinely want a military career out of this.

    As strange as it sounds, I'd not considered posting on PPrune, I'll head that way shortly so hopefully I'll get opinions from both sides as it were.

    Cheers again

  4. !!!
    3 out of my 4 Operational tours have been with the Army in Fd Hospitals.
    Are you suggesting that 'much of humanity' despises the RAF? If so, in your opinion, why?
  5. @Vampangua you should take up fishing, you got a bite first time ;)

    @Hells_Heels there are also differences in opportunities for postings, aside from places like Frimley Park and what was Selly Oak in Birmingham. There are overseas postings to places like Gibraltar and Cyprus, which are limited opportunities to Nurses in the Army. Although "Ex LONG LOOK" is still available to Army Nurses = 12 months exchange to NZ/Australia.

    Whatever Service you choose, you will do your nurse training at RCDM in Birmingham, and your wanting to do a full Mil career is admirable, but be aware that by the time you finish so will our Operational deployments according to the current Coalition Govt
  6. If you are going to train to be a Nurse do the degree now as you may end up having to fork out for this later and work full-time as well. It's only a matter of time before nursing is an all graduate profession.
  7. Made me smile reading back over this, thank you for all your inputs!

    I did apply to the Army and have my Board imminently. I'm up to my eyes in research and revision, if anyone has any (relevant!) tips or advice it would be much appreciated!

  8. hi, how did you get on with your interview?
  9. Because the planes and helicopters which are supposed to turn up don't.And if there was an option of walking home most people would take it as it would be quicker than a trooping flight.
    Then theres the RAF regiment.
    Apart from that I'm sure your all wonderful people.

  10. Hi

    I passed - I'm about to start at Uni later this month!

    Thanks for asking :)
  11. Well done! Is that at Birmingham? You'll have a blast. Nursing is hard work but a lot of fun too. I wouldnt change it for the world (at the moment anyways!). Birmingham is an exciting place too ;) I did 6 weeks elective there earlier this year. Interesting to say the least. :)

    Good luck with your studies and remember there is an end (eventually!!!)