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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by LynseyM, Jan 24, 2008.

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  1. Hi

    I am due to start in September of this year, a three yr diploma in nursing at university. I am currently TA and wish after completing the diploma go on to do the army full time. I was wondering whether if any1 knew whether the army wud sponsor me through university so i can do my nursing placements at military hospitals.


  2. What Military Hospitals?
  3. Are you joining a medical TA unit? As far as I can see there will be little chance for your clinical placements to be at MDHU's (google them) but the TA might get you involved in AMS things in the short term. Doesn't your university decide where you do your placements anyway? I think there would be very little that the Army could and would do for you as a student nurse to be honest.

    T C
  4. they can do little for you.
    however you can do yourself a lot of good.
    do all the courses you can.
    take it your a cmt 3 recruit?
    I used to run cmt training for a large TA unit as a TA officer(nurse),then was in training in regulars as well,after doing lots of RMOA in ireland and gulf war.
    do any attachments for a cmt you can.
    reg army/and cadet!
    get lots of nice thank you letters from COs .
    do attachments with other units TA.
    that way you get rid of the personality clash situation-also your own unit wont do nice letters for you,but others have to file insert slips for attachments.
    and do all the courses you can.
    apply early re regs-their are courses and visits you can do.
    as previous posters said-only 2 mil hosp left-one closing soon(gib),and other earmarked for closure(cyprus).
    neither is army-and will take their own reg and TA first-qualified ones!
    you might get a cmt attachment as cmt in a reg unit-perhaps a depot or so on.
    its up to your training officer-and you.
    I did one attachment of 2 weeks (as qualified NO) with the gunners.
    The MO was a retired army doc.
    I was interested,asked questions,improved my practice and thought nowt of it.
    next thing he wirtes my CO,offering to sponsor me for a commission reg.
    he turned out to be ex director of army general practice.
    Got the commisssion,and a great short service career.
  5. You could do with talking to SO2 Recruiting QA (or whatever they're calling him/her these days) at the Army Medical Directorate in Camberley.

    Not in the office today, so I can't give you the phone number, but I'll get it tomorrow if no-one else on here beats me to it.
  6. you can get a bursery from the army for your training. youll be a 2Lt for a very long time though.

    QARANC Recruiting Page
    "Explore more about the Bursary (sponsorship) programme for student nurses(already in university or just about to commece a degree or diploma at a civilian university)"

    As said above contact the SO2 or SO3 QA recruiting, I have pm'd you with the number.
  7. You can get a sponsorship to train with the Regular Army as a nurse, this usually leads to comissioned entry, and as far as I am aware is very hard to get onto. I would suggest, from my own experiences of nursing with the NHS and the military to do your training in the NHS, then join a TA medical unit, give it a year or two and if you are still certain you want to join the Army full time then go for the Regular Army, you will have two main advantages if you do this:

    1) You will have gained two years post registration expereince, this is an important consolidation period for Nurses after they qualify and you will have a good idea what area you want to settle into. It is also what the army are looking for in their applicants, at least two years post reg experience.
    2) You will have got experience of the Army through your time with your TA unit, you may even have had a chance to deploy. (Afghanistan/Iraq) This looks great on your CV, will have given you skills and experiences you will not have got as a civvy and will give you a better understanding of the whole AMS organisation, and whether or not you want to be doing it full time.

    Good look in what you do, I am happy to share my expereinces and knowledge with you if you want to discuss this further please post me.
  8. or you could simply ring the QA recruiting team and get genuine information and advice.
    Plus side: you get a bursery to get you through training and walk straight into a job as an officer (2Lt and quite a novelty) and therefore miss out on all the crap parts of army life like beastings and non-stop room and kit inspections.
    Down side: you walk straight into a job in the army and may not like it.

    As she is in the TA she may have an idea what its all about already.
  9. Oh, and by the way im currently going through the Regular Army QA application process, I have my board soon so i'm fairly current on what is going on, so my advice is fairly sound. But yeah phone the QA recruiting team and they will be spot on in thier advice no doubt. Good luck anyways.
  10. Is this for the student nurse selection board?
  11. No im a qualified RGN going into late entry QARANC regular Army entry, Im currently serving in the TA as a QA officer as well.
  12. so youre going to the All Arms type Regular Commissioning Board.
    Be prepared that already being a TA QA officer will have no positive bearing on the board at all, a lot of TA officers fail, usually because they go into it thinking that its in the bag as they are 'half way there' already. Its a level playing field and theyre not just AMS on the board.
    But good luck.
  13. Thanks for the advice, I'm not going to go in blase at all, its difficult, I have friends who have got in and I know its hard graft..I'm keeping an open mind, if it's meant to be it's meant to be.
  14. good luck - a great many TA Officers fail!
    prep hard, work hard and remember that as a TA Officer there are gaps in your education
  15. No ... so i'm told, you would have to do the nursing via the army, queen alexandre... tbh your better doing it that way