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An interesting article in the Nursing Standard this week featuring a Maj AP, previous CO of the Fld Hosp at Camp Bastion & New CO of 22 Fld Hosp.

Overall good article showing Army nursing in a positive light.

The only problem I can see with it & I can’t believe he would have said it (or may be I can!) was & I quote: "I wanted the reality of MASH & Medecins sans Frontieres & that’s what we got"

Reality check Maj P, MASH & reality is lost on me & Medecins Sans Frontieres is run by bored Doctors, I did one tour with them in a central African Country on leaving the services, on route from the Airport we got lost twice & on number of occasions the so called manager drove through the same rebel check point requiring 40 min of negotiations to get through. Once on the ground we had to wait 3 days before discovering the same manager had sent all our equipment to the wrong location. Now I’ve looked back on this it does sound like a number of deployments I did in the past.

So are you saying as CO of 22 you are constantly lost & pi55ed on home grown brew with a little radar chap running around after you.

By the way nice picture, but what is the bright blue thing in your hand, it looks vaguely like some sort of adult toy.
Criticism might seem more justified and reasonable if we had a link and could read the item for ourselves. Reads a bit like one of Radar's Tannoy announcements. I had to go through a MASH and the show was quite realistic. Intent was to get things done quick with few resources ao I suppose the MASH TV thing image and reality of MSF may be on a par with each other.
Isnt Maj AP the OC clinical sqn rather than CO who is Lt Col AB?
No link online to the article Im afraid.

But it does state he is due his Lt Col & is CO, but Ive been out awhile so unaware of who is in what slot.
Interesting that he wanted an MSF feel as they absolutely detest the military!
Pox_Dr said:
But it does state he is due his Lt Col & is CO
he is about to be posted, as a Maj and it definately isnt to a COs post! :D
Must rush out and buy one for the Galloping Major to sign!! :D

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