Nursing, Soldier entry financial support

Is there no longer any financial support available for civilians doing their nurse training hoping for soldier entry? The QARANC recruitment site appears to only have officer entry options. Has there been a change?
was there any finacial support for student nurses wishing to join as a junior entry before?
I was under the impression there was a bursary available when I was looking, although that was getting on for two years ago now. Maybe I'm confused, its not uncommon
I believe the bursery was/is for those who would then join the army as a commissioned officer in the rank of 2Lt.
Hopefully someone such as Karabiner will jump in and be able to give you the up to date gods honest truth on the subject.
having just spoke to Mrs Fox who knows these things, you are right there was a bursery for student nurses who then wished to go on to join as a junior entry, however it wasnt a very popular choice, she was unaware that it may have been discontinued but said she wouldnt be suprised if it had.
You should call QARANC recruiting and ask them direct.

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