Nursing Shortage

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Accidental_discharge, Dec 27, 2006.

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  1. Heads up for any disgruntled RNs

    Huge staff crunch, critical care is desperate for staff. Alberta has the best paid RNs in the world, new contract coming down next year, the region will fast track immigration and the Alberta College of Registered Nurses.
    Ability to earn $90,000 plus (Can) per year, low cost of living, house prices 70% cheaper than the UK. Plus the skiing is excellent!

    Feel free to PM me for info, or to abuse me.
  2. how about ontario?
  3. Ontario? Beer? Women? Bars? or what?
  4. jobs, get in easy type like the one you posted above
  5. I cannot be sure as to the state of nursing in Ontario, I can hazard a guess that the various health regions (similar to the UK health trusts) are in the the same manpower crunch as Alberta, so one may only assume that similar packages facilitating relocation are being offered.

    Currently, I work in critical care within the Calgary Health Region, and I know that RNs from Ontario are arriving in droves, due in part to the much better contract we have, along with the housing situation and recrational opportunities. The ICU that I am employed, in full out pays for one to complete the ACCN at any one of our local Universities, no commitment is expected on the part of the RN, also paid for in full are the TNCC, PALS, NRP, ACLS, and pretty much any other course you can think of. For those with only a diploma, the region will partially fund one to gain a degree. All in all, an excellent place to live and work, we just started three RNs from the UK this last year, all are loving it.

    Websites of interest:

    United Nurses of Alberta (shows pay scales, contract etc.) ( add 3% to figures shown )

    16% increase in the next contract

    College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta

    Calgary Health Region

    The job board (tip of the iceberg)

    New grad info

    Living in Calgary

    Calgary health care sites

    I do not represent an agency, I just work here, I just think that some really good opportunities exist here.
  6. thanks very much, i transferred to do my training as kind of a resettlement package, and i'm planning on moving over as and when i get bored with the army.

    i'll get reading in the meantime!
  7. What about need of employment soon :twisted: