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Could someone in the know detail the general pathway of a PQO nurse for the first 6 years. I'm looking for more in the way of clinical development as well as managerial, although I expect that to be a significant part of the responsibility. A&E qualified and looking for a lot more action and hard work than too many of the lazy knackers that exist in the NHS.

Thanks for your replies.

Just wanted to bump this to see if I could get any replies. Just wondered if anyone could give me a heads up with what to expect. From reading the forum it seems that there are alot of pissed off people working in RMAS. Basically I think my 'career' or total lack of it despite the promises of the DoH in the NHS is coming to an end. I'm exploring options - always wanted to be in the army - but I don't want to find myself working in a MDHU for 9 months of the year. What are the opportunities for working with the green army on ops as a nursing officer? Do you get pulled for tours from the MDHU for duties with Med Regiments / Field Hospitals or are you attached for 2 years and rotate? One of my pet hates is that too many nurses qualify and spend the next 2-3+ years working on the same ward without developing any broad understanding of nursing/medicine and fail to develop skills/knowledge in other areas. Personally, I like to move around. What career development in the way of relevant courses are available to PQO nurses. Any post qual diplomas that I've done I paid for myself, which I don't object to - but it's not it's not suffieciently reflected in my pay packet at the end of the month. Time to vote with my feet.

After AMS EOC/PQO course, expect to be posted to a MDHU for the first two years. This is your first posting and is the equivalent of an Infantry Subaltern's first tour within a Battalion. During this time you will work in a clinical area (if you are A/E trained, that is where you will go). In this timespan you will almost certainly do an Op Tour, probably to somewhere hot and dusty. As well as clinical time, you should take part in collective military training and MATTS. These are being afforded a high priority in the MDHUs - you will get some range time. There will also be the opportunity for sports and adventurous training, but you may need to give up some of your own time for this. You will become involved in the managemnent of soldiers' careers and will probably have a secondary duty, such as a unit sports officer and/or a mess duty (wines, household, property etc).

After two years in a MDHU you will probably find yourself posted to a field unit, where you will be stretched in terms of more military experience. Again, expect exercises and Op tours to come your way.

For the third posting, a lot will depend on your further career path and whether you are converting to Medium Commission etc. May be a return to clinical, may be a staff job.

If you want a varied, interesting and challenging career that offers more scope than pure nursing - go for it and welcome aboard. If you are interested purely for the golden handshake/extra moulah, then you need to re-examine your motivation.
Did I say golden handshake, I meant golden hello (d'oh).
Thanks for your replies CC. No it's certainly not the golden handshake - 8000 quid taxed is nice but somewhat of a brass handshake in these times - that has me interested I could earn alot more by going over the water to the U.S. , U.A.E. etc. The lack of career structure in the dynamic NHS has finally got to me. Yeah the money is pretty bad to. Sick of the appalling apathy and winging also. But mostly want to work outside the hospital format with greater responsibility. I like sand also. :twisted:

Do nursing officers become desk jockeys or is there scope for extended clinical practice / education roles? Could you give me an idea about role (wider scope of practice? )/ responsibities whilst on tour?



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