Nursing Degree Application Statement

This is aimed really at the Nurses I know are lurking on the site. :)

As you are almost certainly aware, all applications to get on Nursing Degrees courses are now handled by UCAS.

I want to apply and have no problems with the procedures on the UCAS website.

The problem I AM having is what to put on my personal statement as to why I am applying to do a Nursing Degree. Anyone who has started one recently will probably know what I am talking about.

Can anyone help with what the Course Admissions people like to hear? Frankly, I am a bit stumped as to what to say. :?

Feel free to PM me with any suggestions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Might be willing to help, though you'll need to try, rather than being passive expecting us to write the whole statement for you. You would be advised to talk about your work experience in the nursing profession also. Tell them what you think you can bring to nursing what are your strengths and how have you overcome challenges you had overcome and how you overcome these challeges in the past. You need to be anylitical in your ucas satement and discuss topical issues in nursing and how and why you fond them intersting. Even if you felt they were dull as chalk, try to make them interesting! And how working in nursing has strengthened your resolve to pursure this challenging profession etc... Oh and if you get a place on a nursing course you can buy jarrod 248 and I a beer (s).
How about, "I need future job security and a decent income that can be found across the pond". I applied for a joke, got accepted, and followed through. Forget the namby pamby caring crap and topical discourse on bloody boring quantitive research papers written by self important old fart nurses that probably have not done a day bedside since the Crimea on subjects such as; "Should the ability to show empathy be included as a pratice standard?", they can piss right off with that one. IMHO the only good patient is tubed, vented, sedated, and on large amounts of Roc.

Job Jobbed!
Well absolutely, though clearly with his reference to intubated and ventilated patients, relaxed with the muscle relaxant Rocuronium...verbal communication isnt his thing! Though I suspect there maybe some truth in his comments about old fart's research papers upto a point but are his views evidence based.

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