Nursing competencies

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by nursienorth, Jul 27, 2009.

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  1. One of my Land Competencies is to understand the 'G functions' in the chain of command section.

    Sorry if i sound thick, but what is a G function.

    It sounds like a dodgy rapper...
  2. G 1 to G 4 ????
  3. try again

    G1 - G9
  4. Try again:


    G Force
  5. Hence the question marks.... ;)
  6. try again.

    G spot??

    G string??
  7. try again.

    G spot??

    G string??
  8. just went off in mi hand guv!
  9. Filbert you are showing your age, quite funny though. I cringe at the thought of QAs trying to teach each other anything about the army. I recall being told by an instructor at QATC that a Btn 2IC was a Capt as she handed out learning materials on Army structure taken from the Sunday Times. Laugh? Yes indeedy. Try this link

    Yes I know its from Wikipedia but it can't be any worse than listening to an ill informed over weight clueless QA.
  10. Sounds as funny as an RAMC Sgt telling a group of trainee CMT's that the pin that comes with a nasal airway is to "pin it to the nose so it doesn't fall out". (Luckily enough, a nurse was on hand to correct him.)
  11. Check your pm's
  12. Yep, I was told that at Keogh as well, wasnt until I started my OTT training that I discovered the actual use of the pin.
  13. is it used to poke yourself in the eye then?
  14. Taking splinters out actually.
  15. Try looking it up on the defence intranet - it has a list of G1 - G9, including their meanings and functions. 8O