Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by MersaMatruh, Jul 5, 2012.

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  1. GPs DO screw people up by not giving people appropriate information.

    Where and when did the NHS start to go wrong?
  2. If you have a point, make it don't be cryptic.

  3. Too many doctors and others in the NHS do not understand when and when not to share medically confidential information.

    Carers and partners are not given neccessary information to enable them to deal with ill relatives and children.
  4. I'm sure they'll keep your comments in mind.
  5. No they wont. That is the trouble, they think they know best and wont listen and apologise even when complaints are made.

    The NHS has gone bad and uncaring.
  6. Nurse knows best, stop being a cry baby.
  7. They no longer know best.

    They may have done in the good old days. but they have lost the skill and vocation of caring for people and their families.

    I repeat Where and When did the NHS start going down hill?
  8. What are you dribbling on about? What is your point?
  9. the NHS is worse now than it ever was. People are not told essential information to help them cope with their illnesses or conditions.
  10. comfy_teddy.jpg

    I think this thread is just about to get interesting.
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  11. They negelected to tell you to not listen to the voices?
  12. 1948
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  13. Have they stopped you from accessing your ex-wifes medical records?
  14. I disagree with you, It was a good idea to start with. The staff of the NHS have ruined it.
  15. I'll see your bad and uncaring and raise you a private sector granny farm.