Nursey Pay Spine and DNOCF

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by RAF_Nurse!, Apr 4, 2009.

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  1. Good news for Tri-Service nurses!

    Does anyone have any info? If you are on the top increment for your rank, do you move across (as of 01 August) to the top increment of the new pay spine at your rank?

    Does anybody have any details as yet about what competencies are on the Operational Competency Framework? Somehow i doubt a Diploma level Specialisation course will be sufficient (let alone an ENB level course!).

  2. whatever increment you are on, you will move across to the same increment level on the new pay scale; so if you are on top cpl pay you will stay on the top cpl pay, if you on increment 5, then you will stay on increment 5.

    The new pay scales are in the AFPRB 2009 document that you can access via the defence intranet - appendix 1 for pay scales, appendix 2 for specialist pay
  3. On the new MOD pay release, the details are specifed - SNA's are working with command to determine eligibility for each specialist work taking into account deployability, current role and responsibilities etc (clinical or non-clinical, whether current job needs a spec qual etc). I took this from it:

    RATES EFFECTIVE FROM 1 April 2009 to 31 March 2010(£)

    Full Rate 50% Rate
    4.75 2.38

    (General nurses on achievement of Defence Nursing Operational Competency Framework (DNOCF) Level 2 and working in a qualifying post requiring Specialist DNOCF Level 2 Competence )(x)

    Full Rate 75% Rate 50% Rate 25% Rate
    10.11 7.58 5.06 2.53

    (OF4 and below specialist qualified nurses (y) who are in a specialist post(z) or specialist-related post (aa))

    w Introduced with effect from 1 August 2009.
    x The specialty competence must be a MoD endorsed specialty
    y An individual will be deemed specialist nurse qualified providing they hold an ENB "long" course qualification or have evidence of successful completion of a recognised programme of study and practice in a specialist care pathway in a MoD endorsed specialty that leads to the acquisition of 60 or more credits at Level 3 (this relates to taxonomy level 3 of the DNOCF).
    z The specialty must be a MoD endorsed specialty
    aa Such as a Command and Staff post or Regimental Duty for which a specialist nurse qualification is essential.

    Looks like although we will not start receiving the new spec pay until end of Aug pay, it will be backdated until 1 April 2009 if you are entitled to receive it. Winner!

    And as for the changeover to clinical pay spine, as said earlier you will simply slot over to same incremental level on the new scale on 1 Aug 09.
  4. Scrub Monkey

    Do you have a link to this information?

  5. Interesting.

    An ENB 'Long Course' or 60 credits at Level 3- Do they mean degree level (now called level 6 in Universities) when they refer to level 3?!

    What about diploma level specialist training courses? (i.e. A&E, ITU university 'pathways' taken at diploma level only).

    I can forsee a fast one being pulled, being as most specialised nurses do not have degree level specialist courses, bar the very recently qualified in their speciality....Hmmm.
  6. I was lucky enough to be one of the last to squeeze in an ENB, but I believe that specialist nursing Diploma OR Degree courses (which follow an MOD approved speciality) will be acceptable. SNA's have received service-specific guidelines for implementation of DNOCF amongst their brethren, and it has been discussed at the Tri-Service SNA and SIG meetings. We hope a sort of 'case-by-case' argument can be carried out in cases of dispute.

    Sluice, when I get back to the department I can send you a copy of what material I've got in a PM. (on leave at present).
  7. That would be great, just curious if my degree level qualification will fit the bill!

  8. Will it be the SNA's of each speciality that look after those of their group who are employed outside MDHU/Med Regts? I'm about to be posted from my specialist job in an MDHU to a job in ARTD. I have my 60 credits at level 6 (good enough to get me the FRI) and will be accessing the required amount of clinical time as per the SGPL during my posting. Any advice appreciated. Many thanks
  9. As I understand it, each specialist area's SNA (OT, A&E etc) will be responsible for initially mapping the DNOCF levels to match each member of their specialist group. Largely, level 3 of the DNOCF equates to a qualified specialist with either ENB 'long' course (over 6 months) or Dip/Degree as appropriate. I am sure the vast majority will be matched to this level. This attracts spec pay of £10.11 a day (WAHOO!) Level 2 is reserved for personnel not specifically qualified to work in that specialist area, but working there nonetheless and having met certain criteria (a workbook of competencies) as assessed and signed off on a certificate by a qualified Level 3 specialist nurse and local command. This will enable JPA action to enable a lower specialist pay rate (around 45% of level 3 pay of £10.11 a day). Level 4 is still being talked about, will probably not attract any more pay, and will be matched to those who are in or have had appropriate clinical specialist department management experience or sub-unit command.

    It would appear that there will be a rolling 6-year decreasing specialist pay system for those not currently using their specialist qualification, i.e. those in staff jobs or generic roles. This will be along the lines of:
    Years 1-3 out of spec area: Full spec pay (as long as deployable in role)
    Year 4 out of spec area: Placed on 75% reserve Spec pay band
    Year 5: Placed on 50% reserve Spec pay band
    Year 6: Placed on 25% reserve spec pay band
    Year 7+ : Spec pay stopped.

    Once you return to the fold, I think you go on the reserve pay band again until you have completed 6 months clinical spec work and are considered fully deployable again, and you need to be posted to the clinical area for more than 182 days to resume spec pay. I was...! :?
  10. Thank you for the info
  11. The trouble is that nobody has been told the specifics of the level 2 and 3 competencies, as yet. Frustrating indeed.
  12. So... how will this apply to the TA? Those who are in MOD approved specialties within the NHS (i.e. ICU/A&E)?
  13. Or primary healthcare...
  14. Primary Healthcare is regarded as a speciality isn't it? There's speciailst courses available on it....and if you work in PHC and are assessed as competent in the area by a Level 3, but are not specialist PHC qualified yourself, there's no reason you shouldn't get the Level 2 spec pay. No idea how this will affect the Reserve forces. I would imagine they will follow the separate nursey pay scale idea, like TA doctors & dentists already have, but spec pay (if recorded as a specialist on JPA) I would think would only apply during deployments when you're actually employed in the specialist role by the Army and doing it. What specialist nursing do you do on drill nights & weekends?? I never used to do any....
  15. Just had a squiz at JSP 754. I stand corrected on spec pay - it applies to TA too. Problem is deciding who will certify as Level 3 - I think it may even be good old fluffy self-assessment!! I took this from JSP 754:


    SECTION 22



    06.2201. This section details the rules and regulations for the payment of Specialist Pay (Nursing) (SP(N)).


    06.2202. These regulations apply to all Regular and Reserve Forces personnel and set out the detailed arrangements and specific entitlements for SP(N). These regulations should be read in conjunction with Section 1 which sets out the overarching regulations for all forms of SP.

    Regulations for Payment

    06.2203. The payment of SP(N) commences on successful completion of the courses listed below and when the individual has taken up their nursing appointment

    06.2204. SP(N) is payable at 2 levels as a daily rate to qualified personnel as follows:

    Payment Basis CCB
    Entitled Personnel Qualified Nursing Officers (NO) & Nursing Other Ranks (NOR) filling qualified SP(N) annotated appointments

    Payable to NO and NOR who fulfil all of the following criteria:

    A qualified specialist nurse in an endorsed MOD nursing specialty. An individual will be deemed specialist nurse qualified for specialist pay purposes providing:

    they hold an ENB "long" course qualification, or, have evidence of successful completion of a recognised programme of study and practice in a specialist care pathway in a MoD endorsed specialty that leads to the acquisition of 60 or more Academic credits at Level 3 (this relates to Taxonomy Level 3 of the DNOCF).

    The qualified specialist nurse remains deployable as a qualified specialist with the full skill set and currency expected of a qualified specialist as determined by Surgeon General’s policy.

    The qualified specialist nurse is assigned to a post requiring specialist competence .

    Qualifying Posts All qualified SP(N) annotated posts
    Payment Basis NCB

    Entitled Personnel Qualified Nursing Officers (NO) & Nursing Other Ranks (NOR) filling competent SP(N) annotated appointments Payable to NO and NOR who fulfil all of the following criteria:

    Achievement of Defence Nursing Operational Competency Framework (DNOCF) Level 2 in an endorsed MOD nursing specialty with at least 6 months’ experience in the specialty.

    Is assigned to post requiring specialist DNOCF Level 2 competence .

    Qualifying Posts All competent SP(N) annotated posts