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  1. Question...Are all army nurses officers?
  2. Answer No
  3. No, if joined with RGN qual you can enter on a Professionally Qualified Commision. I`m sure this site will give you more details on this. I have seen many OR nurses.
  4. Ah, forgive me I have no idea what makes an RGN.
    However I have a family friend who's daughter is considering a change from the NHS to the armed forces and her father asked me for advice.
  5. Completion of nurse training after 3 years. (At least that was the case many moons ago when I used to see a few).
  6. In brief, RN(A)s who are at least 2 years post-qualification may be considered for direct commissioning as Pre-Qualified Officers. Those less than 2 years post-reg can join as ORs, and apply for commissioning later - all the military nursing services commission from the ranks. Indeed, there are many majors and captains who would make excellent corporals.

    Her nearest AFCO will be able to advise her, or she could look here.
  7. I have to ask why? As I recall other nations Nurses are mostly OR's, why are ours commissioned?

    This is not a dig at nurses, I am just trying to get a rounded picture.
  8. Well with military nurses the picture you will generally get is round...
  9. It's historical. The 'professional' nursing of soldiers was, before the creation of the military nursing corps considered a career for ladies, and those who travelled with the military were generally treated as officers - vide VAD and others.

    Interestingly, the Betts Report suggested that commissioning so many nurses was undesirable, unnecessary and expensive. Like so many of Betts' good points, it was not acted upon.

    Regular readers will note that I have refrained from making the usual references to QAs as generously buttocked, or to them being the wearers of comfortable shoes. This is for my own safety because the delightful future Mrs VB is a QA who has discovered ARRSE.
  10. VB Wrote:

  11. Oh err missus
  12. Indeed :lol:
  13. Just came across this thread. I am doing a spot of research for a paper on this topic atm. Is this actually the case? As far as I know, and based on what I've come up with so far, the USA, the Canadians and the Dutch have fully commissioned Nursing Cadres. Although I'm less sure, I think the Australian/NZ forces do too, along with most of the 'new' NATO countries in Eastern Europe. Anyone help me out by confirming or denying this? Atm the impression I'm forming is that the UK is the odd-one-out.
  14. The UK is the odd-one-out for a few reasons......yes the above mentioned nations are all Officers if they are Registered Nurses, ours are not and they tend to have babes.....we sadly do not :wink: .......they are slim......ours sadly are not :twisted:
  15. i know a few good looking babes in the nursing corps at the moment. very nice!!