Nurses Told to Turn Muslim Beds Toward Mecca

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by pot_aussie, Dec 4, 2007.

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  1. Daily Express Story

    How much more can this country be expected to do? I respect everyone's right to religion but surely this impinges on the duty of care for other patients?
  2. Great news, even more people will now think islam is taking the p*ss at every chance.
  3. brrmm brrmmmmmmmm

    Outrage bandwagon warmed up and ready to deploy.

  4. To late it's already here

  5. Quick start issuing these to all nursing staff. After all we have nothing better to spend the NHS billions on!

    Do you know the way to Mecca?
    Posted Jul 15th 2004 8:00AM by Alberto Escarlate
    Filed under: Cellphones

    Want to find the direction to Mecca? Need to convert a Gregorian date into the Hijri calendar? Feel like reading the complete Holy Koran in English or Uthmanic? No problem. The Ilkone i800 is a GSM mobile phone created specially for Muslims by a Dubai-based company, Ilkone Mobile Communications. The handsets will be available before the end of the year in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia and India.

  6. Good point. Half the time it's the people up higher who pass down these stupid orders without thinking that all they are accomplishing is alienating the rest of the public from one Religion, as they are showing not integration, but segregation and special treatment.

    (I am a spelling mong this morning)
  7. Why Mecca? Surely there are other bingo halls....

    I'll get me coat.

    I am.
  9. Who asked for this? The Express story doesn't say. And does anyone have any pictures of the 'burkas' that are apparently required for some female patients? Or is this a BS attempt to keep uppity Muslims in the news now Sudan's going quiet?
  10. All timed to coincide with the daft teachers return to the UK.
  11. Are we to have apartheid by stealth in this country pandering to minority whims will surely put us on the road to such a state.

    Turning beds towards Mecca, Hospital prayer rooms monopolized by one religion to the extent that they are no go areas for the majority, Islamic schools, as has been suggested Muslim only wards, Muslim only GP's the list could grow.

    This needs stopping and stopping now all it takes is some one with the balls to say NO and mean it, and be prepared to push what I believe will be the consequences to the bitter end (that is to say prepared to put their job on the line), we need more people with principals in positions of authority and less of the minor politician wannabe's

  12. Well said must be outraged like the rest of us. Now, where's that f*cking bandwagon when you need it?
  13. Was "asked" for in consultation with community leaders and former patients.

    The Burqua thing is the real deal the nurse who suggested it was actually given an award for customer service or some such, My other half works for the same NHS trust in a senior position

    follow the link

    NHS Burqa

  14. Can we compromise?

    Draw a line horizontally along the Watford Gap and halve the Country? Have a PC-Fest Islamic portion in the South and have the tolerent North?
  15. I'm on board!!!!!!!!!! Lets Roll! :D