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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fireboy, May 8, 2007.

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  1. NOw then has anybody elese heard that the RCN (nurses union) is apparantly going to ballot all members for industrial action in the light of their pittifull pay award.
  2. Strike action causing patient safety to be put at risk will not happen. Way too many trusts would welcome the opportunity to hang out a union leader for manslaughter or the like.

    There is a nurses work to rule at the present time in Ireland. They will not answer telephones, perform IT tasks or admin duties outside of their contract terms.

    Maybe this is the way for the RCN to play the game?

  3. Nurses shouldnt be allowed to strike, theyll expect the Army to step in and cover them ala Trumptonites.
    If you strike you should have your pay docked for the days that you are away.
  4. You do!
  5. Generally, you do!

    Nurses should be paid better. End of chat.
  6. I agree a work to rule is the best way forward, and ff if anybody strikes they do lose pay and pension so it never is an option taken easily.
  7. But you do generally find that the one who calls them out to strike never loses anything as they get paid by the union/professional body
  8. Thatll be me being in the mob for 23 years not knowing how the lazy civvies do things, like strike for instance!

    Sure the nurses pay is toss, but do nurses only discover this once they qualify? Is it only then that it becomes a big suprise to them? Its either one of the best kept secrets in the world or maybe they just arent that clever, that then brings you onto whether or not they are paid correctly!
  9. I reckon a work to rule is the way forward.

    The NHS spends £shedloads on admin/management/hangers on.

    The nurses should do only the work they are being paid for, anything above and beyond nursing seems to have been tendered out or another layer of overpaid staff has been added.

    Make those people do all the admin etc tasks.

    Difficult to do properly but pretty effective if done right.
  10. With apologies to Filbert Fox,

    same games just new names but with the same sense of duty


  11. Judging by the usual tripe you read about nurses on ARRSE, surely the boys and girls in combats will eradicate MRSA, C DIFF and all other HAI's, cure AIDS, cancer and lesbianism - and if the strike should continue into a second day.......... 8O

    I for one would look forward to it. Especially if they only get 1950's kit like when they covered for the water fairies! :D
  12. Squaddies only usually complain about the fact that they spend large amounts of time deployed in other countries but still pay tax as if they were living in the UK and using the facilities for which tax is used for, which is a fair one.
    Squaddies also complain about the state of their accom, they usually have no choice in which area the Army has chosen for them to live in and the state of the accom is usually shocking. Nurses I believe have the freedom of choice as to the area in which they wish to be employed and therefore live.
  13. My bold.

    The company I work for has just had a trust spend £11,500 on admin for a european tender. We are the only manufacturer in the world of this item and for the forseeable future will ever be. Cost of item is £1.1 million.

    The purchasing department had produced a full file of specs (985 pages) for even the head of site services (Cleaning & Domestic support). God knows what cost!! Total copies of these specs was 98. WTF!!

    I have attended 6 meetings with NHS staff who have no discernable management input to this project. 11 meetings with nursing staff that will never lay a hand on the kit and 4 failed meeting where the finance staff just didn't bother to turn up.

    Waste of my time, NHS money and use of totally usless clinical managers in post.

    Regularly I see the wasters employed by another trust and promoted to the next level of incompetence :x

    Rant over

  14. why would anyone want Lesbianism to be cured?
  15. Squaddies are volunteers. They do have a choice. They have the freedom of choice to leave as well.