Nurses slag off chav mong in answer message

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by joey_deacons_lad, May 15, 2008.

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  1. from the mail

    When Sharon Roberts missed a hospital appointment she got a routine phone call to rearrange the consultation, but the message left on her phone was far from expected.

    The telephone operators were heard joking about their teenage patient being smelly and having black teeth when they forgot to replace the telephone receiver before launching into a good gossip.

    and a transcript of the message
    It's a message for Sharon. Could you please ring health advisor about your appointment that you missed this morning on (number deleted). Thank you.

    "That girl didn't think she had a problem. One unit - that's half a lager, half a beer, or one of them small glasses of wine or a shot of spirit. She drinks 100 a week. A lady should be 14 max.

    "Hello, sorry... but she weren't no lady."

    "I know." LAUGHTER...

    "Was she really bad?"

    "She was drunk as well."

    "She can't have said to you that she drinks 100 units, she must have put it in."

    "No, well I said 'oh you drink 100 units', but she won't have said that. It will be the doctor who will have guessed that from what she told him. I don't know how he's got to that."


    "Here, alcohol intake - the patient doesn't think she has a problem and is not really interested in help. She wasn't bothered.

    "How old is she?"


    "The boyfriend said that as well. He's Kurdish Iraqi the boyfriend." MUFFLED...

    "Was he canny enough?"


    "Oh yeah, but come on, who else is going to have her, bless her. She smells, she had black teeth. She's a typical either druggie or alkie because she's dead skinny."

    To be honest they arent wrong and went a bit easy on her.
  2. Any pictures of said Sharon Roberts so we can ascertain if:

    a The accusations are true

    b Any red blooded male would slip her a crippler.

    Thanks in anticipation.

  3. Christ, she looks like a fish!

    Parrot fish:


    Chav Bint:

  4. oh sorry linky didnt work notice she isnt smiling but you can see the pound signs in her eyes now she has been traumatised. And is there anybody who would? count me out because one and only thing i am fussy about is dental hygene
  5. Am I seeing things of is he giving the camera the finger?

    I note she's keeping her gob firmly shut.
  6. Oh God :omfg: ...... but I would. With the whole black teeth thing, I'm hoping one good punch would drop the lot out, so I'd be up for a blowjob :wink:

    I have no standards/morals/shame
  7. Yep - £200k for lost future earnings (was gonna get a job, honest!)
    £100k for psychiatric treatment to deal with the trauma
    £100k for 'hurt feelings'
    £600k for Stella, fags and her mate Dave's pimped up Saxo.
  8. "These kind of things are supposed to be confidential. It should be between me, the doctor and the nurse. I'm completely disgusted. I certainly won't be going back there again."

    Gotta say I loved that bit, she's worried about confidentiality, yet her first thought appears to be "Get my story in the press, with a picture (albeit mouth closed to hide black teeth) and KER-CHING"

    Fooking chavs, I hate 'em. Truth hurts love, still at least EVERYONE now knows that you stink and you have a drink problem.
  9. Then boyfriend's name is Bashdir Mawlwd. Is that Kurdish or Welsh?
  10. A link on that page to another Daily Mail story is entitled 'Why no child is safe from the sinister cult of emo'. Oh FFS...classic Daily Hate!
  11. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Nearly needed a new laptop then. First time I've ever dropped it from laughing. But yes I agree either smack head or alchie. Think he is sh*gging her to get an extension on his visa?
  12. id shag it, from behind, in a full body condom, while hitting her with a cricket bat, just to humiliate her, though i reckon she'd probably love it, perhapse we should pas her on to MDN?
  13. Surely a gum-job

    'You've never had a blow-job until you have had one from a bint with false teeth!'
    L/Sgt Clo**h 1st Btn Coldstream Guards, my step father RIP