Nurses prepare for Afghanistan

Nurses prepare for Afghanistan
8 November, 2009 | By Victoria Thompson

Clinical staff from Guy’s and St Thomas’ staff have been preparing for deployment to Afghanistan along with other army reservists in what is the largest group called up from a London hospital since the Korean War.

The medical staff are volunteers in the London’s medical territorial unit – 256 Field Hospital - and will provide clinical services for three months at Camp Bastion, the main British military base in Helmand Province.

Camp Bastion is now a world leading centre for trauma, providing emergency medicine, primary surgery and an intensive care unit amongst its many services.

The Trust team is made up of two senior nurses, three staff nurses and a senior radiographer. They are part of 90 reservists from the regiment’s squadrons based in Kennington, Kensington, Kingston and Mile End, and are taking over from Danish military reserves finishing their own tour.

The most senior member of the Guy’s and St Thomas’ team is Major Marie Richter, 44, who will be overall second in command of the British deployment. She’s been a member of the TA for 18 years and has previously mobilised to Bosnia in 2001 and Iraq in 2004. Her normal role is a practice development nurse in paediatrics.
Good for them!

Let's just hope their preparations are better than those of some US Army psychiatrists...
safe tour
I don't know whether to believe this or not, A coach load of them have supposed to have attended nearly every function I've been to and I've always been disappointed.
These nursies aren't from Rinteln so probably have a better than average chance of actually tipping up!

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