nurses, police and fire fighters are special?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by headgear, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. Why is it that joe public think nurses, police and fire fighters are so special and under paid?

    As far as I can see they start on basic (low) salaries but have shift and other allowances to boost them up to reasonable levels wheras young HM forces personnel get paid at such a level those 'special' people wouldn't get out of bed for it!

    Us old guys may winge about the standard of new recruits but I'm even more depressed when I see the standards achieved by the 'special' ones. Nurses , police and fire fighters seem to do a lot less than they used to.

    I'm sick of politicians going on about them in every speech whilst ignoring the issues within HM forces - its about time the special ones stepped back and really look at what they do. Can they really compare what they do for their wages to what a 19 year old infanteer is doing in Afghanistan!

    End of Rant
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    Come on group hug, group hug :D
  3. It is not worth comparing: they are special, soldiers are different.

    Why take anything away from these people who have chosen to serve their country in a different way to soldiers? Personally I would not like service personnel to be lumped in with this bunch in any case.
  4. old_fat_and_hairy

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    Nurses really are special. Well, one that I know is. She deserves every accolade going, especially because of the trick she does with...................... (edited to preserve modesty)
  5. Hers or yours?

  6. I'm not a nurse, I work in IT but in a hospital. I think nurses are probably the most under appreciated job there is.

    It takes a special person to wipe another persons bum, that's for sure. Also to deal with the sick, dying, and dead on a daily basis year in and out and still show the compassion that the good ones are capable of showing.

    Can a nurse do what a soldier does? Some are soldiers and if something happens to that 19 yr old, who's gonna take the best care of him?

    As far a fire fighters and police, they put their rear ends on the line every day as well.

    Not to detract from what a soldier does, but I think it's an unfair assessment.

    Now if you said lawyer vs soldier, that's no contest.
  7. what, from their beds whilst pulling in 35k
  8. I know guys that have burns over 80% of their body trying to pull someone out of a house.

    I also know some infantry that did nothing more than walk around a motor pool their entire career.

    Perhaps theres a difference between firefighters in the US and UK but I doubt it.

    Wait until that 35k guy pulls you or your family from a burning building. Then you'll know his worth.
  9. And the difference here between that guy and any of those guys in hotter climates is that they are doing it every fecking day for six months or longer.

    Of course ghost, what you forget to mention is that, due to shift patterns, Fire Fighters only actually work for 6 months of the year.

    Get off your high horse sh*tfa
  10. newly qualified nurses train for 3 years, on a bursary of 100 to 128 quid a week, then earn 17 to 19k for their efforts.

    nursing is bloody hard

    however we shouldn't be forever comparing "comparable" jobs each time anyone wants a payrise!

    a better debate would be to ban police, fire , nursing , prison officers etc on going on strike- if you dont like your pay/conditions etc you can always **** off and do something else...........

    oh id add barmaids to that list too.................
  11. So why does your location state "Hiding behind a rock somewhere in the desert"?
  12. Just for the record, a firefighter with more than 5 years service earns around £26k. There is no shift allowence. Time and a half for bank holidays, christmas day etc. No extras for weekends or nights. Wouldn't swap it for desert kit right now, but the job is much more than the media make it out to be and much less than many firefighters make it to be. there is bullshit in all jobs, don't blame those that do it, only those that shout their ill informed opinion of it. Find the thread about "what does the army do 9-5 when not at war". I laughed my cock off but still wouldn't want to do it.
  13. Are we not all, one way or another providing a service for OUR country?
    Just to add that if a war broke out here on British soil ... we the Services would all be doing our bit, Soldiers fighting for our freedom ... fire fighters rescuing People, Police ...keeping law and order and Nurses/Doctors etc tending the wounded and dying .... I know and hope its not likely to happen ... But if it did! Where would OUR country be without the lot of us pulling our weight?
  14. Well, that's rousing stuff!