Nurses now "Too clever to care"

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by ViroBono, Apr 25, 2004.

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  1. This from the Sunday Times:,,1-523-1086916,00.html

    "The traditional style of nursing — with time to take a patient a cup of tea, hold their hand or give them a bed bath — has grown unfashionable."

    Now we see why the Grey Mafia are so keen to be all commissioned, and not hospital-based.....

  2. Once again this will give the grey Mafia a power lift. The vast majority of the commissioned ones deem themselves too qualified to lower themselves to such a level.

    Why would I want to talk to a patient? I am there to work out his nursing/care plan!

    Anyway the size of their assess, they can't afford to sit around any more than they do! :twisted: [/i]
  3. What about DENTAL Nurses then !!! after all they are Nurses - know their place - paid a pitance
  4. Well I was thinking of going back to nursing, but I would be embarrassed to be part of a profession which professes to care for people but doesn't see that physical contact with patients is an essential way of showing that care. How else are they going to assess a patient's skin condition and ensure they are eating properly unless they plan on just standing round watching someone else bed bathing and feeding patients?
  5. I love the Grey Mafi and wish I could turn back the tide of time to my youth where I could change cap badge and become one of the illustrious corps.

    Oh to be able to eat pies to my heart content, sit on my posterior all day and dish out orders to the lowly HCA. Then retire to the Mess to eat more pies (GInsters of course, no low fat ones for me!) and a few G&Ts.

    Then I could have been posted to a Field Unit and fick up the careers of a few CMTs, various exercises and blame it all on PMT (even though I am male!) and the fact that I'm a QA and you CMTs are so bad and don't like Nurses.

    It is about time we were recognised for the high level intensity of the job QAs perform and to be frank patients just get in the way and the less they have to do with the winging gits the better really. Lets them develop their PDP.

    Quoted from the memories of CPL J. Abbadehut, RAMC (wishing I was a QA!)
  6. :roll: Sorry to ask, but do dental nurses have the same qualifications as an RGN's (or whatever they call themselves these days)? The same level of responsibility both to the patients treatment, and their welfare ? Do they have the same input into diagnosis & rehabilitation? And if they do, how is thier roll so different to the hygienist?
  7. The responsibilities of the 2 don't even compare! Your average D grade nurse can be expected to be in charge of some 30 acutely ill patients whilst your Dental nurse wipes the dentists fevered brow if he uses the drill too much!

    :p :p :p :p
  8. Christ, I know too much about nursing for my own good! Please believe me when I say I am not a nurse. Honest, really! :oops:
  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Having just endured a civvy dentist, all I can say is come back the RADC all is forgiven! Top tip get a dentist before you get out or go private! Butchers!!
  10. they all have one thing in common, but im not sure if you get a certificate for it, they all love it up em!! even the blokes. :wink:
  11. Must admit, since it became "legal" some male QAs are looking decidely dodgy! :?
  12. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator


    Those long winter nights alone in the lab.................
  13. have made me think some decidely dodgy thoughts 8O
  14. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Oh dear, and you were doing so well...............
  15. Like what? :oops:

    Are you sure you're not a QA?