Nurses now in the Daily Wail's headlights

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sallyanne09, Aug 29, 2011.

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  1. Why this picture shows everything that's wrong about nursing: The tabards that tell patients 'do not disturb' | Mail Online

    Are our nurses over worked and underpaid? Would you be offended if, whilst having a stay in hospital, you see a nurse doing the drugs round wearing one of the tabards seen in the article?

    Is the world of academia taking over and those of a less academic bent being disuaded from starting a career in nursing because it appears to be more based on learning than 'doing'?

    Just as a small cul-de-sac - are our hospitals truly as grubby as the article points out?
  2. i don't know much about nursing, less that bus load from Rinteln that i'm still waiting for...but from what i have read over the last couple of years is this -

    entry into nursing was once a vocational training programme, a hands on apprenticeship if you like. It then evolved into a 2 year diploma under 'Project 2000' which was generally seen as a bad thing as it 'academicised' the training and many trainees felt that scrubbing down and general cleaning duties was 'beneath them' of 2012 the only entry in to nursing will be a 3 yr BSc degree - draw your own conclusions...
  3. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Those tabards have been around a while due to proven clinical governance that nurses being disturbed on drug rounds can lead to errors. As far as aware, it's not so much about patients disturbing them as other members of staff and visitors.

    And whilst I never disturb a nurse wearing one as I'm aware of why they're wearing them it is strange the number that are wearing them that will break off what they're doing to come to see to me and my team when in to treat a patient when they should be getting on with their role.
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  4. Given the violence that goes on in some hospitals it shouldn't be a tabard they're wearing but a stab-vest & sidearm.
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  5. I'm all for them. Having watched the nurse administering a medication to me which required a calculation being interrupted 21 times between opening the packet and injecting me and that she didn't have anyone to check it with I would rather she had worn these "offensive" tabards and given me the right dose.

    An absolute non-story.

    If families actually talked to each other, phoned the patients mobile or otherwise communicated so the ward staff didn't have to field 4 phone calls per patient (make that 100 a day) whilst trying to do other tasks it might make life a little easier.
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  6. Don't see a problem with it myself...

    The days of the old stiff upper lip patient, who realises the nurse is handing out hte meds and thus waits for her to finish has gone. Now it is all 'me,me, Me, ME!!!' or the vistors, who can also be a bunch of 'Cnuts'.

    I am not sure about EVERY one wearing one. I am sure the nurse with the key to the drugs cabinet could wear one, measure it out and then either hand the stuff out herself, or pass on to the other nurses.

    That said, as it stands nurse training DOES seem to have taken a turn to the wrong direction. A nurses job is vocational and practical. So I fail to grasp how so much academic training has been brought in...

    Perhaps it is time to look at the compensaton for doing hte job, and the conditions. And plan training that gives the nurses a good head start before the BSc. Perhaps a probationary period on the wards as the general duties bod, cleaning up sick and blood. Moving up the career path from there.

    I do like the way the writer of the Daily Mail piece reckons she would have had a nice stay with Florence Nightingale... from what I surmise reading about her, whilst she was indeed pioneering and caring (ie the lady with the lamp bit), I feel pretty sure she would be slightly Battle Axe too, with a good helping of the stereo typical Matron in there!!!

    Perhaps we should look at the German system too, visiting hours rigidly enforced, and guests asked to leave if the nurses want you gone, for what ever reason. National Service bods cleansing the wards and assisting with the nif naf and trivia. You eat what you are given to eat, you stay in your bed if told too, and smoking zones are so hard to get to you probably give up!!!

    And a heavy religious influence.
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  7. I'm taking 5 minutes out to ponder over the question of just how outraged I might be if I thought about it for long enough.
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  8. Nope. Not a thing.
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  9. It's all because the NHS, under David and the Tory slave masters, expect us to deliver more with less and there just are not enough resources.

    The patient's position has changed too, in that they might now infect us with something, or sue us for something else, and the NHS will wash their hands of it. This is why we need to be conversant in law, ethics, philosophy and a host of other subjects that might guide our decision making.

    I'd like to know what percentage of staff in the NHS are recruited from overseas, doctors and nurses. I bet it's high.
  10. I don't think I'm alone in thinking this is just common sense, would anyone like to be given Medicines by a Nurse whose being meithered by some bell end relative who wants toknow where they can find a wireless hotspot? I have seen this.
  11. Over the past ten years I have visited many friends and relatives in hospital and I can state without exception that British nurses are second to none. The level of care has been brilliant, nothing has been too much trouble, and as far as being friendly, cheerful and caring, nobody comes anywhere near them.
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  12. We'll I could get off my arse on to the outrage bus, but it'd have to be pointing in the Daily Wail's direction. They make out that nurses are now trying to avoid contact with visitors and patients, when it's for patients own safety. Families might grumble, but I bet they'd grumble more if their dads meds were wrong and he died.

    They should have a vote on it in hospitals.

    What during medication times would you prefer?
    1) Nurses to have tabbards saying they are doing medication and you cannot talk to them.
    2) Nurse with no tabbard telling you to "**** off, I'm doing the meds".

    I'd vote number two.
  13. The Daily Wail. The paper that just keeps on giving and giving, or maybe that should read dishing out shit.
    No doubt in tomorrows edition they will have found another part of the public sector to pillory in some none story.
    This is a red top tabloid without the red top and titty pics, end of.
  14. It's all about standards - If nurses were shown the respect they deserve from both patients and visitors the tabard situation wouldn't arise. Sadly its all part of the I want respect mentality ---Can you imagine anyone gobbing of to the Nurses in the days when the CMH was open ? If you did the Ward Sister would have popped in and kicked your head in.
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  15. Yeah, Saudi hospitals are great, but what about the ones in this country? Have you ever had a friend/reli in that sh!thole one in north Staffordshire or the other failing cesspits spread out around the UK??