Nurses Is there a bar to restarting a nursing degree after d

Just a quick question -hopefully - for nurses. Is there any bar from a professional point of view to starting a nursing degree, dropping out and starting again?

The reason I ask is that as a backup to being taken on by the QARANC I've got myself a place on course at a university just in case the I don't pass the board. Now if I don't get on the board and pass before the start date in early October I may have to start the course on civi street because I dont want to miss my chance waiting for the Army, only for them to say no, and me having to wait another year.

The question as to whether it possible restart the course (ie in the Army should I subsequently pass the board) came to my mind because I had to sign a form at the interview saying that I had never begun such a course before. I'm hoping this is to do with funding, bursary issues etc as opposed to a professional bar (and I know I should have asked) but would appreciate it if anyone has any ideas.



I'm a student nurse, I am unsure of the policy, but they would be asking a lot of questions about why u decided to drop out! From an NHS prosepective, they would be extremly pissed off if u dropped out but u would not have to pay anything back to them! However I think if u drop out of the army i think u have to pay them back, but don't take that as gospel, just wot I have heard etc
I is their not a transfer option available, where if u started in the NHS and then got ur place in the army u could transfer?
Alternativly if u don't get in to the QA's then y not do ur training in the NHS (shit money tho) then on qualification join the army!
Thanks for the quick reply.

if i don't get in to the QA's then I will want to carry on and be a nurse for the NHS. Haven't applied for an Army bursary so paying them back is not an issue. However the only reason I'd be dropping out of the civi course would be if the Army let me join, no other reason. I just don't want to be in a situation where I've had to waste a year of my life because I didn't start the course this year waiting for the Army's answer only to be turned down, and then starting on the civi course next year.

(BTW shouldn't you be studying, I definately should be working)


On placement, which is shite so they have sent me home early!!

Good luck with the army!
I'm an NHS student but am also in the process of joining the TA as a student nurse, I would definatly look into being an army nurse after spending some time in the NHS!
If the army offer u a place hopefully they would take u even tho u've started NHS course, and hopefully take into account what u have already done!
good luck

PS one other option is defer the civi place if the uni u have applyed for has a mid year intake, I started my course in March as appose to sept!
just another option, that way u can c wot the army offer and still have a place without having to leave the course