Nurses in Med Regs

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Swede, Jul 30, 2007.

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  1. Three year posting to a med reg after two years in an mdhu sounds like a good idea, but given the level of clinical contact time currently available at a med reg, is it? Is there a better way of handling it so that the nurses do not de skill, or end up course wise but experience foolish?
  2. We got a nurse in our Med regt who's an A+E Spec......well will be until the end of the year when because of our med regt failing him/her, and not putting him/her in a clinical environment is going to loose his qual!!!!
    Good luck in your med regt!!!!
  3. Clinical time - you'll probably end up on tour anyway.

    If not, your training officer will arrange placements for you throughout your tour. You'll also have plenty time to get some courses in too - nursey and army type too
  4. that doesnt figure - how can he/she loose his/her quals ?

  5. I believe that Nurses need to be able to show that they have done a certain amount of time doing their job/training etc?
  6. still doesnt figure - 1CS have done plenty tours recently, Telic 7, 9 and 10.

    and we are only talking 4 weeks placement a year to maintain clinical currency.

    But what about maintaining their military skills and currency. DONT for the love of God say that youre a nurse first, and a soldier second! cos thats b0ll0x.
    the reason that we are sent to a field unit is to maintain our military skills and ethos.

    If you dont like all the green army stuff, why join?
  7. Nurses have to do placements in various settings, we get what is known as a PAD (personal assessment document that is signed off at the end of each placement to let the tutors and NMC know how we done and how well we did it (score of 3 and above is a pass) to qualify as a registered practitioner (thats the new term for nurse nowadays) we have to do at least 2,300 hrs on placement and 2,300 hours of study, pass all the exams and placements, then your entitled to apply for your registration and pin number at the end of the three years of training.
  8. I cant wait to get to a med reg and back into real army, its definately the best option. Why dont you do some agency work on the side to keep current. Just get on the nurse bank at your nearest hospital and do a few shifts a month in the A/E dep, the extra money is handy too!
  9. training is all well and good - but Id hope we are talking qualified person here, as the Med Regiments shouldnt be taking trainee specialist nurses

  10. are you not an AWOL chef on the thread in RHQ forum?
  11. Read my last post in the RHQ forum.
  12. Med Reg, Real Army!!!! please stoppit, youre killing me, best laugh Ive had for ages!
  13. When was posted out of my busy job in an mdhu and posted to a med reg, did my first few weeks, I asked the question, Is it always like this? It seems like everything we do is a bit, well, easy and a waste of time. the answer I got was, well we have always done it like this, this is the real army not that gay nurse mdhu you came from (muffled laughter) . Well if the suckers want to pay me for doing stuff all for the next two years they can crack on, well as long as the nmc are happy.
  14. The lack of clinical time thows up some interesting points about the retention bonus for pinch pointers (A&E, ITU & Theatres). The rules state that you should remain current in your 3 years of payback if you want the other half of your bonus. I would be mightily p1ssed off if someone stopped me getting some clinical time during a posting to a med reg only to find MCM asking for their 10k back. Worth thinking about if you are the person denying the nurse their clinical experience - you would probably find yourself in court being sued for loss of earnings.
  15. Well I think its all a load of sh!te, how many people actually the bonus. They make all thess grandiose promises to attract you then give you an excuse to give you f uck all.