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  1. To all nurses wherever you are, today is the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birthday and as such it is...
    National Nurses Day.

    Well done to you all for your outstanding dedication to duty worldwide.

  2. Thank you. My hospital did acknowledge it by inviting some staff to a lunch. (It did follow a management meeting, but the thought was there).

  3. And the Yanks celebrate it for a week! Once again we are short changed!! I didnt get squat! WAAA!
  4. My trust could'nt even be arrsed to aknowledge it. A nice hallmark card would have been nice
  5. why should nurses get a week? Although all nursing staff and allied health professionals do a sterling job lets not lose sight of reality, Remembrance day is only 1 day, think about what they gave!
  6. Nurses Day? Most of you do a great job but I've met a few who are just plainly in the wrong employment. Besides that, why do you deserve a day dedicated to you? Do the Police get one? Do the Fire Service get one? Do plumbers get one? What's so special about nurses. Do you honestly feel that you should be rewarded with 'National Days' for doing your job and if so justify it? Where does all of this stop?

    The only nurses in my opinion who deserve any recognition beyond that they already recieve for thier professionalism, are that bus load from Rinteln, who are still out there in their Mojo driven white Army bus, touring the autobahns of Germany. Now there's dedication for you.
  7. Here in the land of clog theyve now adapted it to "Healthcare Day" just to be fair to everyone else working in hospitals.

    A couple of managers went "back to the workfloor" for the day (always good for a laugh) and we all got cake from the hospital (made a nice change for a Friday afternoon)!!
  8. Nurses day my backside. Let us not forget that it is just a job like any other. Personally I would be more up for cleaner/binman/teacher/bloke that cleans out the sewers day.
  9. its obviously a load of nonsense to make us feel better about cleaning up other peoples mistakes & sh1t & also a way to sell crap cards. If you dont like it leave & let those of us that like it carry on with it. As an ex-porter, binman. chicken plucker (seriously), & raf fireman its certainly the best job ive had & i dont really need the florence nightingale worshipping crap that nursing seems to attract. Now back to my lousy nightshift
  10. So we are celebrating a woman (Nightingale) that sat on her fat arse in bed for over twenty years and did nothing but write complaining letters !!! :)

    John Lennon spent a fraction of the time in bed with that Japanese bint and look at the hassle he got! :)

  11. Thanks to all for your whole hearted support to the nursing profession. To those who were less than forthcoming with compliments and praise, don't forget, I have the key to the enema and suppository cupboard.
  12. I'll be succinct, Nurses are in my opinion a bunch of overhyped whiners who have come to believe in their own media. It is my experience both as a parent and a patient that the majority of what used to be called nursing tasks are carried out by HCAs or, in civvy speak Nursing Auxillaries. When my son was in hospital it was the HCA that changed his bedding, reset his automatic drip and took his basic obs. Meanwhile qualified nurses strutted up and down the ward looking important and accepting chocolates on behalf of someone else from a gratefull family.

    As I said I'll be succinct, you lot do not earn your wage!
  13. I'd like to be really indignant at this point,but unfortunately Letterwritingman, you speak the truth - HCAs do the lions share of the hands on patientcare and they do it very well in difficult circumstances. What you parents and patients do not see is the absolute farce of politics that ward-based qualified nurses find themselves drawn into in a daily basis because those at the top are too focused on proving Nursing to be a profession; multi-disciplinary team meetings where the agenda is driven by finance and targets, covering Drs when they have mis-prescribed the wrong dose and route of a medication that could quite easily kill someone, trying to find an English speaking colleague on another ward so that you can conduct a thorough and safe handover of a transferred patient, negotiating with social services to enable the discharge of an elderly patient who has been abandoned by their relatives and who was living in absolute squalor prior to admission, constantly having to look over your shoulder in case a colleague, patient or relative wants to report you for misconduct, ..... I could go on, but what's the point, I now sound like every other 'overhyped whiner'. A bit of a bite I know but (and I can't remember the correct wording) someone has said something along the lines of "before criticising someone, walk a mile in their shoes". whinge over (for now)!
  14. I was thinking about how easy my life was when a patient kicked me in the bollox a few weeks ago. Not all nurses are good just as not all teachers, footballers. or any other trade are good. Just be thankful not all Doctors are shipmans ! If nursing is so easy why are so many nurses being recruited from overseas ? I feel like im working at Rourkes Drift at times. Now back to sitting on my big fat arrse & eating choccies
  15. the NHS is short of Brit nurses because as soon as they get the chance they jump ship and leave to go to the land of plenty (agency) making it look like there is a shortage of NHS nurses.

    Then they complain that they cant get any work due to the arrse falling out of the agency world with hospitals doing deals with the agencies to drop the pay rates.

    Nurses, pah!!