Nurses attached to infantry

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by browndog01, Mar 8, 2006.

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  1. Just wondering if you guys have seen nurses deploying with your units on ops or long exercises. I've been speaking to other QAs at my unit (a TA field hospital), and they have told me this is starting to happen, and the role is regimental nursing officer. Really just wondering how common this is (as it would still be a couple of years off for me), as i am really keen to work with the infantry at some point during my career.
  2. A sensible question guys, sensible answers please.
  3. I've heard of the grey mafia going away with the Inf, but not as part of the inf. i.e they go with a bunch of CMTs as a dedicated med cover. This means that very often they work out of a local med centre and are there in case of "no play" incidents. Its then up to the local comanders whether or not he lets them actually do any of the exercise stuff.

    Hope this helps.

    T C
  4. If it saves some poor fcukers life then who cares what cap badge it wears ?

    The QA's are soldiers believe it or not, they do actually deserve more respect than they get.

    The Infantry on Op Grapple 1994 used to bitch about the QA's until one got slotted and the QA saved his life....Point made i think.
  5. We had a QA Capt with us in Belfast. Nice bloke but didn't have an awful lot to do - he was attached to one of the coy outstations with Ambulance - on 10 min NTM for six months! Nice!
  6. Been there, done that and it was mainly dull but for a handful incidents and sadly one fatality. However I learnt more about the army in 6 months by spending that length of time with an infantry unit (e.g. as duty ops officer) than I did in 3 years in the QAs. Also came away with a deeply held respect for the private soldier and for the Light Infantry. Go do it and don't let the QA tosspots try to stop you. PM me for details if you wish.
  7. Thanks for the feedback guys. Any advice on best way to get a tour with an infantry unit? And do you think i would need a commission to do it? Just completed my basic training (gaps course last month), and i've got two years left of my nurse training so i've got plenty of time to get the right courses etc under my belt. Do you think its worth asking my unit to send me on the CIC for example?
  8. Infantry generally chronically short of good med cover, so all assistance much appreciated. Whether you get stuck in a med Centre or allowed on patrol will depend upon unit policy though. Keep pushing for it I reckon!
  9. We had a Nursing Officer attached to our RAP on TELIC 6. However I think she got there more as a result of being in the right bit of Shaiba at the right time than anything else.