Nurse training with the army

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Sarah22, Apr 28, 2005.

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  1. I'm considering training to be a nurse with the army down in Birmingham. At the moment i'm not sure weather to train in civvy street on a fast track graduate degree, then join the army as an officer on completion, (see previous post) or weather to do all my nurse training with the army, and join now?

    I've been in the TA for the past 4 years (a UOTC, and presently 205 field hospital where i'm a CMT) and know i wanna make the army a career.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the pro's and cons of nurse training in the army compared with that on civvy street?

    Thanks :wink:
  2. Sarah, im also TA although AGC and a while back I looked into nurse training in the army. If i hadnt bought a house and was offered a scholarship to do my training in civvy street, I wouldnt hesitate to do it in the army. It is absolute pants in civvy street. If you have no ties you would be nuts not to apply to the army!
  3. You will not be able to commission on qualification, you need two years post reg to go for commission. Advantage of training in the Army is you get paid a wage and not a bursery, so you are financially better off. There is a scheme were you do your training and then commission as a second lt, but not to sure on the details about that one and i havent come across many people who have joined on that route - so i can't tell you anymore about it. Hope the above is useful, and good luck

  4. and u get a decent wage in the army!!!!!!!!!
  5. When I trained in the military at portsmouth, the military student were often deemed to be better than there civilian counterparts, not sure if that still stands with UCE.

  6. Qualify in civvy St and stay in the T.A. for a year then try for Regular Commision
  7. there are both Pros and Cons of the Civvie vs Military approach. If you do your training in the Army, qualify and then are promoted Cpl, read the posts of others who are at that stage now. if you wanted to commission the old LE commission route for Nurses has gone (and what a bad idea DANS :roll: ), so you'd have to do the full RCB!

    Why not PM a few of the nurse posters on here (not me I might add, BMS me :wink: ) and I am sure they would be more than happy to answer your questions
  8. As a nurse who trained in the Army I agree with Dui-lai on the whole pros and cons bit. One thing to bear in mind is that it's often easier to commision from civvie street than from the ranks. God knows why as surely the previous military experience is a bonus?

    And also think about commisioning in the TA first - sometimes you do it during your training. A friend of mine spent her TA training evenings writing her assignments in the mess and getting paid for it. Then with a TA commision you should find getting a regular one easier.
  9. A serious word of advice.

    Dont do it.
    Dont believe the propoganda. It is a seriously flawed organisation bouyed up by a few good souls God bless em!

    Stick with the TA. best of both worlds !

    not that Im bitter or anything ;)
  10. You sound just like me :wink:
  11. training in the army is definately easier.

    birmingham is a lot better on the town than gosport too
  12. I'll second that second statement :wink:
  13. I cannot believe anywhere could be better on the town than Gosport. No, I won't have it. :!: See y'all in Emm-oires tonight saddos
  14. Thanks for the warning :wink: Got to put in my blue rinse tonight, so no Emm-oires for me :roll:
  15. I've been in the TA for the past 4 years (a UOTC, and presently 205 field hospital where i'm a CMT) and know i wanna make the army a career.

    Why in gods name would you prefer to reduce yourself in qualification??
    Most people know that a CMT is far more qualled up than a Nursey type, set your sights higher.

    standing by..